Hanoi 360 Travel Guide App

Hanoi 360 is Smart Traveler App for those who want to discover about Hanoi and the famous tourist attractions of Vietnam By 360 degree panoramic photos , Videos
Smart Traveler App Hanoi 360

Special points of hanoi360fapplication
- Full information on the tourist destinations (historical, architectural, and visual presentation)
- Used when there is no internet and data synchronization when the network,
- Support 18 languages 
- Can know the places around you and the places that you care about.
- Gallery 3D photos , 360 Aerial Panoramas, Tour virtual tours 360 degrees without glasses through 360-degree imagery
- Video introduces a rich tourist destination
- Suggestion Trips - Plan Day 
- Highly interactive features like Chat, Make Friends, Create Places, Create Trips, Share Trips, Share Location, Send and Receive Sos Alerts.
Provides information suggesting destinations, transportation, restaurants, shopping, hotels, amusement parks, travel expenses, discounts and travel experiences, and travel providers. credit memorandum
Application uses positioning technology Map , Directions ,3D images, Bluetooth, Mail Marketing ...

We always try to bring useful information to our users and improve the person experience through each edition
Thank you for trusting and using the Hanoi 360 application
All information, cooperation, cooperation with mail longbalan@gmail.com
Website of the application http://travel360.vn
Instructions for use: Overview Hanoi 360 Smart Traveler App
Down App :Link Download App Store


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