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Kim Lien Temple

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 04:26
Dinh Kim Lien is located at 148 Kim Hoa - Kim Lien - Dong Da - Hanoi. This is known as one of the four ancient cities of Thang Long. In 1990, the Ministry of Culture ranked the national historical monument. Since then, Kim Lien family has always been a spiritual attraction to attract many visitors.
Kim Lien Temple
Kim Lien Temple
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Dinh Kim Lien - where festivals take place to preserve and promote cultural values
Kim Lien House is also known as Cao Son House (worshiping Cao Son - the son of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, who supported Son Tinh defeating Thuy Tinh to protect Van Lang. high land, where the gateway exchanges between Son Nam on the city.
The structure of Kim Lien communal house
From the outside is the gate was built under the pillars, the top of the pot put ceramic children face each other. At the bottom are the lanterns, embossed four floating (four, long, glass, phoenix). Behind the gate is a brick yard, there are 2 ranges of dance in 3 rooms.
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Inside Kim Lien
The main architectural relics of Kim Lien include the three temples and temples. The upper level was built of stone in the Le Trung Hung. The two steps of the steps put two stone sideways toward the gate. Going up the steps is the Cao Son temple built in the style of four managers with the support of the roof, the price of gongs, column escapes.
The shape of the Kim Lien communal house consists of a navel and a harem. The only road block remains. The architecture of Kim Lien communal house is now full of 3 rooms with brick and ceiling tiles. 2 palaces and 10 statues of the statue. The last part is the place of poetry Cao Son great king and two goddesses.
The relic of Kim Lien is a special phenomenon of Thang Long city that has created the Nanjing marker, which has featured the guard of the imperial city. This is considered Thang Long four towns of the ancient land together with Bach Ma Temple, Quan Thanh Temple, Thu Le Temple.
What is the festival of Kim Lien on?
Previously, the main ceremony of Kim Lien communal house usually takes place on March 13 - 16 of the lunar calendar every year. However, in the past few years, the festival has been wrapped up in just two days on March 15 and 16.
In addition, Kim Lien family also have other festivals also attract many visitors. One of the festivals usually takes place like Soc Vong (monthly), Ky An and Hoa ceremony (held on 12/8 lunar year).
What activities of Kim Lien family festival?
Every year, every day Kim Lien family festival attracts the attention of people as well as visitors of the cross. The festival aims to preserve as well as promote the traditional values ​​of local cultural heritage. At the same time promoting the love of the homeland and revolutionary traditions preserve and preserve the fine customs and values ​​of the people of Kim Lien.
It was a great time to celebrate
Every day, to the festival, Kim Lien family is very busy
Kim Lien party usually takes place from early morning, there are activities such as
- The villagers came to the family early and performed the ceremony
- The elders in the village's male fraternity stood in front of the patriarch's house and read the foxes to the people on the day of the festival together with the great ceremonies.
- The procession on the street (with 4 palaces, grandparents, grandmothers, hammocks) from Kim Hoa to Dao Duy Anh and Kim Lien is the most awaited ritual.
In addition, there are many traditional activities such as bird fighting, chess playing, table tennis, martial arts with many people participating.
Means to Kim Lien family
In addition to the festive days, Kim Lien is still open daily for visitors to the cross visit and worship. Kim Lien family, you can choose the means such as:
- Cars, motorbikes: There is no car park in the house but you can send your car nearby (on Xa Dan street and go in).
- Bus: 25, 28 pass through the Dan Village, then you can walk a piece of Kim Lien
- Taxi, xe om: If most convenient you can choose these two vehicles.
Activities outside Kim Lien
After visiting the Kim Lien family, you can choose the nearby attractions, or enjoy the delicious food, or choose for yourself relax.
to the south
Dinh Kim Lien is one of the tourist attractions to attract tourists
- Talking about the nearby play area, you can choose Quoc Tu Giam Temple (No. 58 Van Mieu - Dong Da - Hanoi), very close to Kim Lien.
- Talk about food and you can choose barbecue. The food is attractive both winter and summer. The nearby restaurant can be moved up a little further in the East.
- For a place to rest, you can choose Saigon Sun Hotel Xa Dan at 241 Xa Dan. Phone: 024 3573 9394
Dinh Kim Lien is a national historical relics that keep the beauty of the ancient Ha. If you are looking for a spiritual destination in Hanoi, Kim Lien is the ideal choice for you.


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