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Bach Ma Temple

In the middle of Hang Buom street, at 76-78, there is a very important historical relic attached to the story of King Ly Thai To. This is considered one of the four towns of Thang Long - it is Bach Ma Temple.
bach ma
Ben White Horse Temple inBach Ma Temple was built in the ninth century to worship Long Do (Roi Rong) - the original god of Hanoi. This is also the god of great merit in failing the magic of the Cao Bien imperial governor of the North.
At first the temple was called Do Son then changed to Bach Ma. According to historical records, the reason for this name change was that when moving the capital to Dai La and renaming the capital Thang Long, Ly Thai To built the city, but built up again. The king immediately sent people to the island, suddenly saw the white horse from the temple go out, go round, where to leave footprints there and in the disappear. The king built the citadel in accordance with the footprints, he did not see any more, and from that time worshiped Thang Long as a royal thanksgiving to help and Phong Long Do made the capital city of King Royal, renamed Bach Ma linh the word (temple sacred white horse).

I have a childBy the means of Bach Ma?
Bach Ma Temple is located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, so it is more difficult to travel than other places because one way street is difficult to travel. For those who travel for the first time will have difficulty finding the way. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate means to not take time, and to the most favorable.
By the Bach Ma Temple, you can choose one of the following means:
- From the city center you can travel by car or motorbike in about 30 minutes. Follow Nguyen Thai Hoc street to the South gate, turn to Phung Hung and Hang Vai street, continue to km to Hang Buon and Bach Ma temple. However, you need to determine whether the supply curve will otherwise get lost.
- Bus is the most convenient vehicle, you will only take about a few tens of minutes in the car, and stop at the Tran Nhat Duat, then walk about 500m to the next. You can choose the route as 18, 32 with the fare is 8,000 VND / pass.
- Cyclo is also a convenient means for those who are away, want to visit the lake and go to nearby locations.
Should come to Bach Ma Temple at any time?
The festival of Bach Ma Temple takes place on the 12th to the 13th of February lunar year to commemorate the merits of Long Do. Visitors can visit, the temple on the right occasion to pray for yourself and your family.
In addition, Bach Ma Temple is open daily, visitors can visit at any time. Opening hours are from 8am to 11am and from 14h to 20h daily.
What is special about Bach Ma?
Bach Ma Temple is a large shrine restored over time and built in the shape of Tam. Outside the temple is a family of eight roofs, with a three security and 13 royal. On the doors of the temple are decorated with motifs attached to the architectural style of the family of the Cantonese Restaurant in Hoi An.

den bach maBach Ma Temple brings a nostalgic beauty with mossy stone walls, and ancient paintings. At present, the temple includes Nghi tri, the family, the ban, the ban, the council. All are arranged vertically in a closed space. In addition, Bach Ma Temple also contains Qi Gong Temple and the Mountain Pool. 

Deep inside, visitors will enjoy, admire an architecture with the entire structure by the system of iron with the roof support type "Price of gong husband double child". On each wooden pole, the spleen, the horizontal beam are decorated with rich, skillful, sophisticated artisans skillful sculptors.

In addition, the temple is also home to many valuable ancient relics such as the royal "East of the word", Coong Long throne, the ancient weapons such as knife, sword, chain, ... are intricately carved. The stone, ordained, char was also carved with delicate features.

den bach ma hienWhat to wear White Horse Temple?
As with other temples and temples, Bach Ma Temple is a sacred place, so visitors should choose the appropriate dress. Should dress simple, courtesy, not dressed, colorful. Also, go to the temple should go light, speak quietly. Do not say loud, laugh, do not say curse when entering. 

The next itinerary 

Visit the Bach Ma Temple, tourists can also choose the next destinations such as hovering around Hoan Kiem Lake looking for Turtle Tower, Church, Opera House, enjoy specialties Hanoi like Trang Tien ice cream, ice cream, or other popular dishes such as bun cha rolls, rolls, crab cakes, ... Surely this will be an exciting tour, a pleasant experience never forget your.


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