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West Lake

West Lake is the most romantic corner in Hanoi paintings; is the world of clear breeze, liberal and poetic. The West Lake is also known as the "Ha Noi's first place", a destination not to be missed if visitors have landed on this land.
ho hands
West Lake is the largest lake and the most famous sights in Hanoi capital, 500ha wide. The road around the lake is nearly twenty kilometers long, is a romantic road, fresh year round, attract tourists leisurely.
In the old days, West Lake was a part of the Red River that was left after the change of line. Previously, there were other names such as Dam Canh, Ho Tram, Lang Son, Tam Dam, Doai Ho. 
The old feudal dynasties took the West Lake as a center for recreation, entertainment, holiday of the king, the goddess. Over many reigns, the West Lake is still a crowded residential area. There are 21 precincts around the lake, most famous are Thuy Khue, Thach Lam, Bao An, Ho Khau ... The lake also built many magnificent castles such as the United States, prostitution Dam, Ly Thuoc Hoa, Han Nguyen, Ngoc Dan Tran. 
The West Lake is wide and empty, so the waves often get hot. The lake water is a bit brownish in color because of the many phytoplankton in the lake. Previously, the West Lake has many lotus, in the summer bloom, bring fragrant, but now not as much as the old.
West Lake Water Park
(water park photo)
As the area where many recreational activities occur, destinations around the West Lake always attract a large number of visitors every weekend. The water park must first be mentioned. Peak season in the water park usually falls on the summer months from May to July. From August onwards, although the number of visitors is less but the place is still attractive on hot days. You can immerse yourself in the cool water or try out the adventure games such as sliding tube, slide trough.
It's a half-circle around the center of the duckling game. Compared with the ducklings around Hanoi, West Lake is the ideal place because of open space and airy.
If you prefer romance you can choose yacht, usually parked near the intersection between Thuy Khue and Thanh Nien to roam the windswept lake. In addition, the cafes along the West Lake is also a favorite place for many young people.
Cheap coffee sidewalk is usually near the water park, more formal and polite than you should go to the cafe along the lake parallel to Thuy Khue.
chua tran quoc
(photo Tran Quoc Pagoda)
With the concentration of many temples, ancient pagodas on the road along the lake 18.6 km long, this is considered the famous heritage road in Hanoi. More than 20 historical sites around the lake that you can stop are Tran Quoc Pagoda, Vong Thi Pagoda, Kim Lien Pagoda, Tao Book Pagoda, Ba Danh Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, Tay Ho Palace, Trich Sai Temple, Yen Family House. Secondary school, family Nghi Tam ...
Contrary to the bustling atmosphere with smoky aromas on the full moon or the first, you will feel the peace and quiet when you arrive here. It would not waste a good evening to collect the wind, stride the ancient campus of the pagoda and welcome the sunset between the lake.
The streets near the Red River dyke such as To Ngoc Van, Xuan Dieu, Yen Phu is a place where many unique shops, mainly serving Western customers. If you are fond of strange and strange items, this is a great place to be.
The West Market Fair is held every Saturday morning on To Ngoc Van Street for many years as a frequent visit of many young people and Eurasian tourists to Hanoi. The stalls here are quite diverse ranging from foods, beverages to books, cosmetics, old clothes and handicrafts souvenirs. Along the street there is a very strange shop with a line of fashion products, family exploits innocent, free colors and imagination is not limited to children's decorative textures.
hoanh ho hand
(West Lake shrimp cake)
The cuisine around the lake is as varied and appealing as the picnic spots. First of all, the West Lake ice cream and shrimp cake on Thanh Nien street. Passing on the day off the wind you will often encounter queues waiting to come to buy ice cream or shrimp cake at the lake lurking in the guesthouse. West Lake is also home to many luxurious restaurants with Asian-European style combined like Sen Ho West, Thang Loi, Sumvilla ...
An evening with family here will certainly bring warm moments. Folk more than when strolling around the lake, a couple of places where there is a barbecue will help you warm heart in the autumn cool wind.
Choosing the different means to walk around the West Lake will bring the feeling of fun for the insiders.
The most popular and mobile is still the motor, you will not take too much time that can actively stop at the favorite place. Next to green vehicles - electric cars, bicycles 
Even though it has been put into operation, tours of Ho Tay with electric cars have become an indispensable choice for many domestic and foreign tourists. You will feel relaxed in the journey to explore the vast space of the largest lake in the capital.
With bicycles, the lakeside road is not only a heritage road but has become a training ground for many people in the city. Every morning, afternoon and evening, the road around the lake is bustling with streams of people swirling in bicycle rides, making this place burst into life all day long.


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