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Quan Su Pagoda

According to preliminary statistics, Hanoi has more than 100 large and small temples, lying alternately in crowded streets such as Tran Quoc, Kim Lien, One Pillar, Quan Su, Phien Phai ... And one The most sacred temple can not fail to mention it is Quan Su Pagoda.
The headquarters of the Central Buddhist Association of Vietnam, Quan Su Pagoda is an integral part of the soul of Hanoi. The temple is located at 73, Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem District - Hanoi. For more information about this temple, please refer to the article below: 
Quan Su Pagoda is located at 73 Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem District - Hanoi. 
History of Quan Su
Pagoda The temple was built in the 15th century. At the time of King Le The Tong, in the old days in Co Vu Ward, there was no temple, so the king set up a building called Quan Su to welcome emissaries to Thang Long. Long. It is known that the envoys of these countries are devout Buddhists should build a temple also located in the Quan Su area to have conditions for ceremony. 
In 1822, the pagoda was repaired to add corridors, statues, bell castings to make offerings to military personnel in this post.
In 1934, the General Buddhist Association of North Vietnam established the temple as the central headquarters. In 1942 the pagoda was rebuilt according to the design by two architects Nguyen Ngoc Ngoan and Nguyen Xuan Tung by the Vinh Nghiem Group itself. 
It was here that on May 13, 1951, the first flag of the Buddhist world brought about by Col. Thom Lien took place in the sky of Hanoi. 
Today, the temple is located at 73 Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. 
Architecture of the
Three- Storeyed Pagoda is three-storeyed, in the middle is the bell tower. Through the three-yard is a large paved brick, up 11 steps to the high hall, square, around the corridor.
Buddha statue is quite large statues and splendid golden lavishly decorated. At the bottom, the Three Buddhas are worshiped on the highest level. Right at the right of the shrine of Ly Quoc Su (ie Master Minh Khong) with two attendants, on the left, worshiping the statue of Duc Ong and the statue of Chau Suong and Quan Binh. The Bao Dai Palace is the worshiping place of the Patriarch of the Vietnamese Patriarchate. 
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Deep inside the courtyard are blocks used for libraries, lecture halls, guest houses and  rooms.
Deep inside the courtyard are blocks used for libraries, lecture halls, guest houses and rooms. Especially, the name of the temple as well as many of the sentences in the temple are almost all written in the national language due to the fact that by the middle of the 20th century the temple became the central headquarters of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam. The Buddhist Studies Institute and the Asian Buddhist Peace Office are also located here. 
Activities held at the Quan Su Pagoda 
Palace relics procession
The ceremony was attended by a large number of Buddhist monks and nuns in Hanoi and thousands of Buddhists, people and students volunteered. In the joyful celebration of the birth of the Buddha, thousands of Buddhists have brought together the relics procession around the streets Quan Su - Ly Thuong Kiet - Ba Trieu - Nguyen Du - Yet Kieu - Tran Hung Dao. - Quan Su. 
On the
occasion of the Buddha's Birthday program, the Quan Su Buddhist Youth Club held the Flower Festival and wrote the wish on the leaf of the Bodhi leaf at the main hall. 

Great Buddha Day
Ecclesiastical organizations, the Venerable, the Venerable participates in traditional ceremonial ceremonies such as the ceremony of Mộc dục or "Bathing Buddha", dropping pigeons, praying for the nation's people, harmony and bumper crop, wish health for everyone and happiness for every family. 
Not only Buddhist monks and nuns, but also tourists once crossing the city of Hanoi can not ignore this famous hundred-year-old Quan Su Pagoda. 
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Places to eat near Quan Su Pagoda 
(Photo: Food) 
You can find many places to eat
when you come to Quan Su, depending on the needs that visitors can find to the following eating places: 
Bami Bread : 88B Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District
  1. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream - 60A Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District
  2. Baskin Robbins - Ly Thuong Kiet: 60A Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District
  3. Bami Bread: 88B Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District
  4. Chamichi Tea: 60 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem District
  5. Cho Dao Duck Restaurant: 64A Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem District
  6. Barbecue, Hot Pot - 61 Quan Su, Hoan Kiem District
Places to visit around Quan Su Pagoda 
(Hoa Lo Prison)
Quan Su
Pagoda is very close to the famous sites Quan Su Pagoda is in the center of Hanoi so it is close to the famous landmarks that you can Visit:flower care
  • Hoa Lo Prison: No. 1, Hoa Lo Street, Tran Hung Dao Street (0.14km)
  • Vietnam Women Museum: 36 Ly Thuong Kiet (0.6km)
  • Hanoi Railway Station: 120 Le Duan, Van Mieu, Dong Da (0.7 km)
  • Temple of Literature, 58, Dong Da (1.7km)
  • Hoan Kiem Lake (1.5 km)
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, 2 Hung Vuong, Ba Dinh (1.9 km)


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