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Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan Market is one of the famous markets in the North. Peacefully located in the Old Quarter, this is one of the busiest shopping areas that everyone would want to visit once in Hanoi. So what do we buy when we go to Dong Xuan Market? explore all the "secret" of the market in the heart of this offline.
Dong Xuan market
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Recall a little geography to those who do not know Dong Xuan market can easily find the way to this bustling market. Dong Xuan Market is located in the old town, with the east being Dong Xuan Market, Dong Xuan Street in the west, Cau Dong Street in the south and Hang Khoai Street in the north. The market was built under Nguyen dynasty more than a century ago. Not only the trading area, but also the place where the most fierce battle of the army and people in Hanoi in the early days of resistance war against French colonialism. Therefore, Dong Xuan market is not only a place for people to come to shopping, but also a place to mark the proud resistance of the people of Hanoi.
  1. What to buy at Dong Xuan Market?
Come to this market, surely the first thing you do is to feel that: "What market is too big." Yes, Dong Xuan Market is a 3 storey building and 5 arches with an area of ​​over 6500m2. Modern and modern, this is also a famous architectural work of the capital city around the world.
Here, almost all kinds of items are sold in a wide variety and variety: Clothing, shoes, cloth, toys, home appliances, candy, souvenirs, food ...
for dong xuan ben inBut selling a variety of items like that, but you peace of mind, here, the items are divided by area of ​​science is very clear and easy to find buyers want stopover point. If the ground floor was strewn with clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and the loudspeakers, flashlight, charger, cables ... the 2nd floor are regional wholesale and retail all kinds of clothing, fabrics, silk brocade for adults. And move lena on the 3rd floor, the vast space for neonatal and children will appear bustling before your eyes.
  1. What to eat at Dong Xuan Market?
If the market is immense clothes, shoes, fabrics, ... then right next to Dong Xuan Market is Lane - Where are focusing a lot of shops for food and drink fair visitor. There are countless delicious dishes typical of Hanoi is located there, just delicious, just complementary but very cheap that you can enjoy such as: Bun rolls, shrimp cakes, vermicelli eel, tea ... I'm sure You will be extremely warm stomach but can afford to spend a lot of money when enjoying all the delicious food here.
Especially, if you are lucky to visit Dong Xuan market on the weekend, you can be immersed in the air night market in the heart of the old town when the stalls are sold all along from Hang Ngang, Hang Dao ... more to Dong Xuan Market. The market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can enjoy delicious food, favorite snacks and buy your favorite items at very cheap prices. Some familiar snacks that you will enjoy when walking the night market as: 

huu tiu for dong xuan
- Vegetables 30000
- Meat skewers 10000 / sliced
- Sugarcane juice 10000 cups
- 10000 roasted sausage, 
- Pho Dan about 30,000 to 55,000 / bowl
- 25 Hoan Kiem bread is priced at 25,000 VND / unit
- Bun Co Than is priced from 35,000 to 50,000 VND / bowl.
3. Tell you something when shopping at Dong Xuan Market       
-           Choosing the right vehicle
Dong Xuan Market can be reached by many means such as motor, taxis, trams, etc. If you are not familiar with the roads here and especially want to visit Dong Xuan market on the weekend should select public transport It does not take long for the car to arrive and find a place to get the car back. 
Electric cars are convenient and the visitors are very fond of. Pick up passengers at the meeting point and take you on the schedule: Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong, Dong Xuan, Hang Chieu, Nguyen Sieu, Lo Ren, Hang Dong, Hang Vai, Hang Buom, Ma May, Hang Silver, Hang Bo, Bat Dan, Hang Quat, Luong Van Can. Le Thai To, Hang Khay, Dinh Tien Hoang.
Sure there are some you will worry about what message when shopping in Dong Xuan. But you peace of mind, learn a little bit and come here as a visitor to feel the noisy, busy, crowded of the most famous market in Ha Noi, there will definitely be many things. Exciting awaits you.


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