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People's Police Museum

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 04:40
Located at 1, Tran Binh Trong, Hanoi, the People's Police Museum (formerly the Museum of the Department of Propaganda) was the red center for police officers in the police force as well. People come to learn about the material as well as review the historical traditions, achievements and development of the police force in Vietnam.
People's Police Museum shows what?
On the anniversary, visitors to the museum are increasingly crowded. This shows the role and activities of the police force in Vietnam from the time of the French Revolution to the renewal period. With nearly 1,700 documents and artifacts, this is a recurring story in the past.
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Outside the People's Police Museum
Some typical artifacts, such as the carnage of the comrades Huong Huu Khang (used to protect Ho Chi Minh during the war) or the arm of the AD changers used to transport documents to the Viet Bac area. All of these exhibits re-enact the hardships but also the pride of the French police.
In another room, the documents on the project, the big case such as the case of Nhu Nhu, the case of Vu Xuan Truong, Trinh Nguyen Thuy, etc. These documents not only show pride but also bring about The meaning of the next generation is to maintain social security.
Not only that, inside the museum also exhibited many precious materials such as book "Six teachings of President Ho." This is the first book about learning. Or some other materials such as "Flag of Liberation" No. 15 on July 17, 1945, newspaper "Salvation" No. 29 on August 15, 1945. These documents were written by hand to honor the victory of the People's Police force.
Museum structure
Founded in 1967, the People's Police Museum has gone through several repairs. The museum's infrastructure has also been expanded to serve the preservation of the historic value of the Vietnamese police. The museum's exhibit space is currently about 600m2.
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The police force came to visit the museum
Nearly 1,200m2 of this exhibit, the total number of objects up to 1,700, People's Police Museum as recapturing 70 years of heroic battle as well as the process of building and development of the police force.
In 2017, the People's Police Museum received the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for its activities, merit, storage and promotion of the value of thousands of documents and objects relating to the history of more than 70 years. years of police force.
Activities of the People's Police Museum
Not only exhibiting materials and artifacts in order to preserve and promote the historical values ​​of the police force in Vietnam, the museum also has many activities outside, attracting visitors to visit. Some activities of the museum as:
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Antiques are displayed in the museum
- Activities to visit the museum for children
- Fire prevention activities
- Opening ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the People's Police according to Uncle Ho's teachings
- Experience "learning to be a soldier"
- ...
What means to the People's Police Museum?
Currently, the People's Police Museum is increasingly attracting many visitors to visit, study. At the museum, visitors can go by means such as:
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Many valuable artifacts, historical significance
- Car / Motorbike: Car in the museum's parking lot
- Taxi, xe om: If you do not want to drive yourself then you can go this vehicle
- Bus: Routes 1, 30, 34, 16
Activities after visiting the People's Police Museum
After visiting the People's Public Security Museum, visitors may have other activities, such as finding a place to visit, enjoy a meal or find a rest stop.
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70th Anniversary 
- To talk about the sights, near the People's Police have a visit Student Cultural House students. This is also a very attractive point to visit.
- Talk about the food, visitors can choose to eat noodles Huong Lien, is famous bun cha.
- To have a comfortable place, visitors can choose Union Hotel at 14 Tran Binh Trong, not far from the museum.
People's Police Museum, which holds the historical values ​​of the Vietnamese police force. Today, this place is an attractive destination for tourists in and outside the country.


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