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Yen So Park

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:04
Yen So Park is now one of the places that attracts many people to come here not only to visit but also come here to enjoy the most peaceful relaxation moments. If you're still wondering where to go to relax after hours of work and study fatigue. Try visiting here once. Surely the space here will surprise you.
Yen So Park
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Yen So Park was built in Yen So Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. In 2014, Yen So was officially put into operation to serve the great demand of the people of the capital. The park was built inspired by historical elements of the capital and brought a new experience with traditional and contemporary values. The investor is Gamuda Berhad Group of Malaysia. This is the largest urban park in Vietnam, the largest green park in Hanoi capital. Yen So has a total area of ​​323 hectares, of which the area of ​​parks and lakes is 280 hectares, creating a special highlight for this place. 

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Yen So Park is always an interesting and unique picnic destination. With extremely large space, the park will be an ideal place for a group of young people or the whole family to organize a picnic. You can prepare snacks to be able to organize a poetic barbecue party. With the lush green grass that is full of lush greenery, you will be lost in an interesting fairy space. What's more wonderful when we gather together in the blue sky, golden sun to sip attractive dishes. Besides, you can use the bicycle rental service to visit places in the park. For those who love cultural activities, sports can visit the exhibition of art exhibitions displayed here. Or you can hire a yacht to stroll around the cool blue lake, join the experience at the labyrinth garden or enjoy performances by artists at the outdoor theater. Not only that, the kids love your home also have the opportunity to enjoy participating in sports games, training extremely healthy and useful, such as cycling, ferris wheel, statue. The children will be immersed with fun nature to relax. Every day, this place is also a place for people to exercise and organize fun sports activities. 

yen park so picnickIn particular, Cong Vien Yen So is also the ideal location for photography. In addition to attractive photo-taking locations at Van Mieu, Hoang Thanh Thang Long, .. students also favor to choose Yen So to take photos to capture the most beautiful moments of students and students. . Taking a photo of a yearbook in Yen So's job is a reasonable suggestion if you want to get photo-books with an airy and very poetic space. When entering the park, students will be overwhelmed by the scenery inside. The park consists of 2 lakes, you can freely pose with the scenery along the lake, making pictures of true yearbook. Not only that, students will be released and shaped in the shape of green and wide lawns, houses of ancient nature, bamboo forests with rural souls or a square of Roman style, and many other lively scenes. The couple also chose this place to have the most sparkling wedding photos to celebrate the important imprint of life.

cong vien yen so parkOpening schedule of Yen So Park
Yen So Park is open every day of the week to 19h every day to serve people. Coming here, you will not have to worry about the entrance fee, because it is open for free. You only need to pay the parking fee at the price of sending motorbikes at Yen So Park: 5000 VND / time. Car ticket price at Yen So Park VND 30,000 / trip. In addition, Yen So Park also has a full range of sanitation facilities, water shops, bicycle rental services for 30,000 - 40,000 VND per hour, renting boats with 50,000 VND per hour for you to have fun. Electric rental for adults 15,000 VND for children 10,000VND 
Vehicles to go to Yen So Park
If traveling by private vehicle, you can move from Tam Trinh Street frame and turn to Ring Road to Phap Van - Cau Gie intersection near your park. There will be a parking area and a separate storage area for you. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at  or Taxi Mai Linh 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626
If traveling by bus you can go by bus routes 04, 06, 21B, 60 ... More specifically, visitors can use the application to search or access the website  http: // timbus. vn / or use google map to search .
Places to eat near Yen So Park
After having fun at Yen So Park, you can visit some of the following places to enjoy the attractive dishes
  • Beef noodle soup - 119 Tam Trinh, Hoang Mai
  • Cofffe Tùng Hà - 2 Tam Trinh
  • Lotteria Minh Khai - 1st Floor, Han Viet Building, 203 Minh Khai
  • Tea Fox - 318 Minh Khai
Places to visit near Yen So Park
With a very large space, Yen So Park will help you have a wonderful holiday. When you return, you can drop by Time CiTy at Minh Khai Street so that you can both buy the necessary items and have fun or enjoy delicious food. 

Tour Map
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