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Walking Street Trinh Cong Son

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:43
After the street walking the Sword Lake, most recently, Hanoi had a second pedestrian street right next to West Lake, also known as Trinh Cong Son walking street. Convergence of souvenir shops, handicrafts, rich cuisine, ... this is an ideal place for young people to have fun on the weekend.
General introduction
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Trinh Cong Son pedestrian street includes Trinh Cong Son street (behind Ho Tay water park) and part of lane 431 Au Co, lane 612 Lac Long Quan (Tay Ho district, Hanoi).
This is a completely new walking space, located right next to the lotus lagoon around the West Lake area. The booths here are modeled on the architecture of the old town of Hanoi, Hoi An, bearing the cultural identity of the region ... Thanks to that, people here will have new experiences completely different from the neighborhood. set in the center.
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In particular, besides the shops of souvenirs, handicrafts, this new walking street also has a street food area with lots of stalls selling  food and drinks ... 
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Currently, there are more than 20 numbered stores in operation. Besides, there are still some empty counters, which are expected to open in the near future. Although not yet open, this week, we can still enjoy a lot of food and drinks here.
What did you eat at the street in Trinh Cong Son?
Phu Thuong tea stew
For a long time, Phu Thuong sticky rice (Tay Ho, Hanoi) is known as a famous traditional dish of Phu Thuong village. If before, finding out where to sell these dishes seems difficult, now we can easily buy in this walking street Trinh Cong Son.

In addition to the familiar seven-colored sticky rice dishes, you can also enjoy steaming with mung bean tea, rice cakes, sticky rice and sticky rice ... 
Snacks are crazy with crepes, but when you walk up the street near West Lake, remember to try it here. Currently there is only peach crepe and durian crepe, with a price of 25k / unit but that's enough to sip while wandering around the street already?
Bread sticks, sweet nem bread
A little hungry, you can try the bread or sweet nem bread. In addition to buying and eating, you can also sit on the spot because there are still gaps overlooking the lotus lagoon at the back of the counter, and the shops are equipped with full tables and chairs.
Coconut switches 
This drink is popular in Saigon, while in Hanoi there are not many places to sell. With a price of 25k / cup, although a bit high, it is relatively strange and can be tried when walking around on these open roads.
dua tac
Milk tea, Thai tea, lemon tea
Here it is, countless familiar drinks of young people gather! Milk tea, Thai tea, lemon tea ..., but not too diverse like the shops on the street but with a culinary road, you have more experience for you, right ?!
Check out the lemongrass far away
Types of juices, tea, ice cream 
Countless kinds of tea, ice cream and fruit juices, spoiled for choice. The price for these refreshments is also very affordable, equivalent to many outside items.
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How to go to the street to walk Trinh Cong Son?
In addition to going to Pho Cong Son Trinh Cong Son by personal means, you can travel by bus. Bus routes to Trinh Cong Son Walking Street are: 02, 20c, 32, 31, 34, 50.
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Play places near the walking street Trinh Cong Son
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Arriving at the pedestrian street of Trinh Cong Son, you can go to many other interesting places such as:
  • - Quang Ba Market
  • - West Lake
  • - Park water Ho Tay

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