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Vincom Ba Trieu

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:25
Vincom Ba Trieu Shopping Center is listed as one of the interesting destinations in Hanoi capital. Coming to Vincom Center Ba Trieu in addition to Game Center with many attractive and modern games and CGV cinema system, Vincom Center Ba Trieu also owns a delicious and diverse food restaurant force such as Pizza Hut, Kichi Kichi, ... Absolutely will not disappoint you every time you visit.
Vincom grandmother million

Vincom Center Ba Trieu is a commercial center complex built by the powerful group Vingroup in 2004 located at 191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi. ... Although in the center of Hanoi city there are many famous trade centers such as Royal, Time, Lotte, ... but great shopping and entertainment needs of the people of the capital are great. Therefore, Vincom Ba Trieu was built to give people a combination of shopping facilities, quality, class style and brand of a Vingroup. 

Vincom three million inGoing into the center, you will be overwhelmed with a shopping complex with all the gadgets designed and decorated in a very modern style. Supermarket system will provide you with all the essential needs, from food to household appliances, fashion items, famous cosmetics ... with hundreds of items for you to choose freely. The items here are full of brands from Vietnam, Korea, Japan. In particular, the booths are designed with striking frames, very impressive colors will become a very interesting photography location for young people.
Not only that, it is also famous for Game Center - which brings together many interesting games, attracting all ages to join. It can be electronic racing games, grabbing lovely animals, shooting fish ... will definitely help you relieve all stress, fatigue after working and studying hours. You and your loved ones will be able to immerse themselves in continuous games designed according to international standards. These games not only help you relax but also help you to focus, persevere. Is it useful?

Three trio vicomWhen you have enjoyed engaging in exciting games, you must be hungry right? No need to go far to lose your work, Vincom Ba Trieu has a system of famous restaurants spoiled for you to choose. Hot, aromatic grilled hot pot dishes of Kichi Kichi, or attractive Pizza will dispel hungry stomachs. You can choose a nice restaurant, sit in the restaurant enjoying each dish with different flavors, sip warm glass of wine. Your holidays will be much more interesting.
The means to move to Vincom Ba Trieu
  Ba Trieu Park is located right in the city center, so it is not difficult for you to drop by here. If traveling by personal means, you will move through Trang Tien Street and turn to Dinh Tien Hoang. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at  or Mai Mai Taxi 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626.
If traveling by bus you can go by bus routes 08, 23, 31, 35,38 ... More specifically, visitors can use the bus search application to search or access the Website  http: //  or use google map to search .
Good eating places at Vincom Ba Trieu
kfc three million
  • KFC Ba Trieu - 292 Ba Trieu
  • Pizza Hut - 5th Floor, Vincom Ba Trieu
  • Mr Good Tea - 177 Ba Trieu
Places of interest near Vincom Ba Trieu
After joining friends or relatives around Vincom Ba Trieu, you can visit Hoan Kiem Lake - the heart of the Capital to see the wonderful scenery here. Finally, remember to visit Trang Tien Plaza or the Old Quarter to visit and choose for yourself beautiful souvenirs. 
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