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Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 04:12
Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Ba Dinh - Hanoi. This attraction is becoming more intimate, more intimate with the public, especially for art lovers.
Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts
After putting into operation, found the inadequacies should then the museum has built an open space, through specific activities such as removing the forbidden beach shooting photos, building audiovisual room, no creative art for children, ... Since then, the Museum of Fine Arts Vietnam attracted more and more visitors.
What is the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum?
In addition to the exhibits of historic artifacts, the museum also has an open campus, ticketing area, ticket office, and parking area for visitors. The museum is more complete in order to attract more visitors, especially young people.
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Tourists visit the museum
Come to the Museum of Fine Arts of Vietnam, you not only visit, experience the gallery artifact history, you also visit some open space such as:
How to visit Vietnam visitors
  • Audiovisual room
With dedicated and synchronized lighting equipment, the lighting operation gives visitors a new feel through live video describing research activities, collecting and restoring objects. Since then, the museum has contributed to promoting and promoting Vietnamese heritage better and more widely.
How do we collect visitors?
  • Cooperation programs with organizations and agencies in foreign countries
In addition, programs of cooperation with organizations, agencies, schools or individuals at home and abroad are also positive. Exhibits exhibiting artifacts, reliefs, paintings, etc., help to enhance the aesthetic, artistic and habitual practices of the museum.
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  • Program for children
In addition to galleries, galleries, the Museum of Fine Arts Vietnam also organizes "creative space for children"; "learning fun" program; "Lifelong learning - the key to success"; ... These programs attract so many students to participate and experience. 
These programs have helped to eradicate the prejudice that museums are the only place for those who are knowledgeable about art, who study art in depth. Since then, the museum is increasingly attracting tourists.
What is the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts open?
Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is open from 7am - 5pm on weekdays. You pay attention to the opening time to be able to visit the museum is most convenient.
How do I collect money?Showcase artifacts
Ticket price is 30,000 VND / visit. However, for students, the fare is only 15,000 VND / pass. In addition, if you ride a motorbike, it will cost VND5,000 per person.
How to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Vietnam?
  • Motorcycles / oto
  • Bus: Routes 02, 18, 22, 23, 32, 33, 38, 45, 50
  • Taxi, xe om
Fun points near the Museum of Fine Arts of Vietnam
Located in the center, should visit the museum is complete, you can go to the nearby entertainment venues such as Opera House, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ly Thai To monument, ...
welcome 1Valuable artifacts, great historical significance
In addition, the lagoon lobster and eat the characteristic dishes of Hanoi such as duck long 23 Hoan Kiem Lake 
or Trang Tien ice cream, rice paper rolls, bun cha ... is also very interesting.

The hotel is near the Museum of Fine Arts Vietnam


memory hotel
Memory Hotel - Address: 25 Nguyen Thai Hoc - 024 3934 9909
  • A25 Nguyen Thai Hoc hotel
Address: 150 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Ba Dinh - Hanoi
Contact phone: 024 3722 2266
  • Viet Phuong Hotel
Address: 123 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Dong Da - Hanoi
Contact phone: 024 3843 0170
  • Memory Hotel
Address: 25 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Cua Nam - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi
Contact phone: 024 3934 9909
  • VM Hotel
Address: 87 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Van Mieu - Dong Da - Hanoi
Contact phone: 47472456


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