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Sweet sugar of Hang Duong

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:30
As one of the busiest streets of 36 streets in Hanoi, Hang Duong Street attracts visitors with the opulent shops and traditional Tet jam. Known as the cradle of apricot, Hanoi Tet jam, the street has long become a familiar destination of many Hanoi people, tourists want to buy this Hanoi specialty as a gift.
Located in the old quarter of Hanoi, a street head to Hang Ngang street, the other end is connected to Dong Xuan street, cutting across the street is Hang Ca street and Ngo Gach street. The street name comes from the trading of confectionery made from sugar here, especially apricot and jam.
If the previous day, Oom Duong Street mainly serves the needs of the people of Hanoi with the apricot umbrella type mainly, then now, the store has grown to more than 100 types of apricot, meeting the needs of customers. in many provinces throughout the country, and overseas Vietnamese communities.
Hang duong
(street street photo)
Apricot and jam are often used during Tet holidays, even though it is only a snack, but with a sweet and sour taste, apricot and jam are easy to make people salivate at the first sight. . The apocalypse helps Hanoi people away from their hometown to be able to recall the strong flavor of the homeland, helping the tourists in Hanoi even once come to the town to get nostalgic. Surely no one came to Hanoi but did not bring some boxes of apricot boxes as gifts for relatives and friends.
O mai Hồng Lam
How fast(photo of apricot Mai Hong Lam)
Hong Lam umbrella with many unique apricot flavors, has been a gut food with many people in Ha Noi. Hong Lam umbrella is made from 100% fresh fruit, so it is very safe and hygienic to ensure health. for you. Hong Lam Apricot has many types, which are sliced ​​or dried, marinated with spices such as apricot apricot, apricot lemon peach, etc., so that the whole fruit can be soaked, soaked with spices for fermentation like apricot sauce. apricot, apricot cucumber ... Hong Lam apricot sauce is thick, sour, sweet and sour, adding fragrant tea cup is hard to match. 
O mai Tien Thinh

Tomorrow soon
(photo of Mai Tien Thinh)
O Mai Tien Thinh is one of the few ubiquitous salons in Hanoi. With the formula of making traditional apricot umbrella, always selecting the best fruits, Mai Tien Thinh always brings the most delicious apricots. Mai Tien Thinh has a variety of kinds of crocodile, cucumber, apricot, fried apricots, star fruit, fried plums, licorice apricot ... with various salty, sour and sweet taste, ready to serve all taste of the guests. 

Tomorrow hangs 1(oh my picture)
  Apricot types are now packed in transparent boxes, beautiful designs, quality assurance and food safety, but still retain the traditional flavor. Each type and each store has different prices, for example:
  • Hong Lam Apricot is priced at 7000 - 15000, depending on the type of apricot you choose: Sweet and sweet ginger apricot sauce is priced at 42,000 VND / 200gr, fried seedless ginger is 51,000 VND / 100gr, sweet apricot peach is 39,000 VND / 200gr ...
  • Mai Tien Thinh umbrella is priced from 6000 - 16000 VND / tael.

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