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Song Hong River Rock

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:06
Located right on the banks of the Red River with long sandy beaches, the Red River rock beach is now an ideal entertainment place for young people. At present, the stone park has developed into a tourist area, so there are more and more innovations, more beautiful, new and more attractive to tourists.
Red river rock beach - located at the end of lane 264 Au Co road, about 30 minutes drive from Hanoi center. This place brings an extraordinary peace, pure and fresh. In contrast to the noise of the town and the Red River rock beach with an area of ​​tens of hectares showing up a romantic, poetic scene and a virtual check-in and living place for many young people.
Bai Da Song Hong BaiRomantic setting between mop forest
Before, this area was just a bare land, wild grass growing, even people were releasing cattle there. Later, this land was planned into entertainment. Through months of remodeling, now, the Red River rock beach appears with a completely different look, such as "replacing a colorful new shirt".
Therefore, the Red River rock beach is not only an attractive destination for those who love photography, want to explore. It is also the ideal place for couples to love. Every year, there are many lovers coming here to take wedding photos, and of course, with this space will definitely give them a sparkling wedding photos.
What to play in the Red River rock beach
Red river rock beach with many different flower gardens. When you come here, you can choose the gardens of Phuong Linh, Dao Linh, Bach Nhat, Hiep Vu, Thuong Uyen, ... Each flower garden has its own color and is a place not to be missed.
Bai da HongA favorite place for young people
Each season is a different kind of flower. Thu Ha Noi prepares to be the time for the mop to bloom. At that time, the whole Red River rocky beach seemed to be flushed by a long form of immense vastness. A scene so gentle with wipes swaying in the wind. It is a wonderful natural picture and will also be a must-see place for young people who want to keep the best moments.
Spring comes, hundreds of blooming flowers, colorful flower beds are always an endless inspiration for the tourists here. Crimson peach garden, golden sunflower garden like the sun, daisy daisy garden with enough colors, ... A scene that captivates us.
Summer also does not lack the colorful flowers blooming like roses, chicken crest, daisies, .... Flowers blooming under the sun, making it more brilliant.
In addition, the flower garden of the Red River beach is also adorned with the love of the homeland island with the image of Truong Sa and Hoang Sa. Just by looking at these pictures, a patriotism and national pride rise in each person.
Space for children to play is also indispensable. A garden with games for young children makes them love it. This is also the point that makes the rock beach not only attract young people but also make the children love.
In addition, garden rental services are also developing for 2 years now. In addition, rental services, furniture services, parking, photography, dining, ... are also developing.
What to eat in the Red River rock beach
Tourism development in the Red River rock beach means developing food services. There are many shops here with snacks, fast food, .... You can choose.
bai da song hong 4Play area for children
The restaurants here also have many different soft drinks such as soft drinks, sugarcane juice, ... at affordable prices.
Costumes, how to photograph?
Like other entertainment venues, costume issues, makeup is always interested by young people. Coming to the Red River beach, you can freely choose for yourself the appropriate outfits such as light, graceful dresses, duck cake sets, or individual jeans.
Combined with clothing is the makeup. Each outfit will fit a different type of makeup, just don't overdo it.
The issue of photographers is also equally interesting but not difficult. You can choose a variety of ways: Take a photo with the app on your smartphone, take the camera to take a selfie together, ask someone to take a picture with you, or hire cheap photography service online. Either way, I believe with such a beautiful space and scenery, you certainly have sparkling and satisfied pictures.
Fares on the Red River rock beach
Normally, going to the Red River rock beach will not cost. However, if you go to the flower garden to take photos, check-in will cost you. The fee for each flower garden is different, but it ranges from 30,000 to 55,000 VND / person.
In addition, if you travel by motorbike, you will lose extra parking money. Motorbike tickets are VND 5,000 / car. Plus food service, the total cost of your day outing is only about 100,000 VND.
Road to the Red River rock beach
Coming to the Red River rock beach is not difficult, just need to turn into the lane 264 Au Co goes straight in. For sure, you can ask the people around. 
bai da hong 5Peach Blossom Season
There are many ways to move to the Red River Rock, such as:
  • Motorbike: Perhaps it will be the most convenient means because it is proactive, not going any further, it is easy to find. Car fare is also not expensive.
  • Bus: Convenience is not high because you have to walk for quite a long time. If traveling by bus, you can ride 31, 33, 41, 58.
  • If you follow family style, more families with young children can choose a taxi. Taxi will take you all the way to the gate, but the cost of taxi will be higher than other vehicles.
Note when going to the Red River rock beach
  • It is possible to prepare food, water, grill, and canvas to make food
  • Do not go out too to take photos, play for dangerous deep water.
  • Only play until 4 - 5 hours, because the dark water will be dangerous. Moreover, there is also a regulation on entry time, so you should pay attention to play early and leave early.

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