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Royal City

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 04:42
Royal City - the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Hanoi. This is also a favorite destination for many visitors, especially on weekends.
Royal City
Royal City
About Royal City 
Royal City is considered one of the largest urban centers in Hanoi. Inside is a combination of 6 high-class buildings with international standard school system. In particular, the commercial center in basement B1, B2 is the largest underground entertainment in Asia. 
royal city

Entrance to Royal City 
Royal City entertainment area with 4 major amusement parks including: B1 - R3 basement is Royal Vinpearl game, B1 - R1 is Dream City Royal Games, B1 - R2,3 is the vocational school kidciti and B2 - R3 is Water Park. There is also a skating rink, bowling royal city, etc. 
You will be able to enjoy exciting and interesting games as well as shopping and shopping. Play area combines adults and children for those who follow the family. 
Does the Royal City have a lost ticket? 
You can go to Royal City anytime and any day, especially at this point do not lose tickets. You will only have to pay for fun activities and shopping. If you are only here for sightseeing and check-in, you do not lose a penny. 
royal city 3

Busy shopping district 
, however, it noted that, with the game, items you want to buy, ask the price first. The price of these items is not low. 
How to get to Royal City? 
Royal City - Entertainment complex located on Nguyen Trai - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi with an area of ​​121,000m2. The entertainment area attracts the most attention of Hanoi so many people want to learn about the means to reach this point. To reach the Royal City you can go by means of: 
The water in the royal city

Indoor water park 
- Motorbike or car: Car in the basement of the building (note the location of the car because it is easy to get lost) 
- Bus: Routes through the Royal as 01, 02, 19, 21A , 27 
- Taxi, taxi: For family members, children with children can completely choose this medium. 
What are you playing Royal City? 
It is an entertainment and shopping complex so here is no shortage of games for you to explore and explore. To Royal City you can go to places such as: 
Shopping Center 
With an area of ​​up to 150.00m2 with 600 booths, this is the ideal place for tourists. The booths are distributed in different areas and groups so you will not have to find the product you want to buy. 
royal city truot bang

shop Items such as furniture, home appliances, clothing, electrical appliances, ... are beautifully decorated, comfortable in every booth. 
Amusement Park 
After visiting the mall, go to the amusement park, one of the attractions for children. The amusement park includes: 
- Indoor water park: Vinpearl Water Park Royal City with an area of ​​24,000 m2 operating all days of the week. This is the amusement park of many people, from children, to adults, especially adventurous. 
- Ice Skating Rink: The largest indoor ice skating rink in Vietnam with an area of ​​3.000m2. The ice rink can hold up to 150 people per turn. This is the ideal rendezvous for tourists, especially for those who enjoy ice skating. 
Food court
Dining area at Royal City is 44,000m2 with over 200 booths. There are enough cuisines from different regions, dishes from Vietnam, Europe, Asia, .. serve tourists. 
royal am thuc

Dining area 
In addition, there are also many cafes to help you relax, chat comfortably. 
Take the Royal City to note what? 
It can be said that Royal City is a big commercial center, so the first time people get lost is obvious. So, for the ideal trip, please note the following: 
- Bring maps to easy to find the address you want 
- Opening time is from 9:30 to 22:00 
- If not find where to go. Ask the security guard 
- Please send the car in the basement of the building, do not send the car outside because they cut very high. 
royal so do

Map of Royal City 
Royal City - the ideal destination for you, especially on weekends. Reward yourself as well as your family for a relaxing holiday to get the spirit for the coming days!


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