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Public Art At Phung Hung Street

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:00
Phung Hung Street in Hoan Kiem District - Hanoi was once forgotten by the sleazy of garbage dumps, garbage cars, etc. However, now Phung Hung is being "changed into new clothes" with a superficial appearance. absolutely different. A street of Phung Hung's mural appears, making his breath, the rhythm of life here is different.
How to decorate the flowers with flowersPhung Hung Street's public art project (from under the dome to Long Bien Bridge) is implemented by Vietnamese and Korean artists with the support of the Korea International Exchange Foundation and the settlement program. United Nations UNDP personnel celebrated the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Hung leprosy cheeses made by the listenersPhung Hung's mural street was completed and officially put into operation to serve the people from February 3, 2018. After more than 1 month of operation, Phung Hung received thousands of visitors. Currently, Phung Hung Street is named the most beautiful street in Hanoi.
By creating a cultural space for the community and visitors, this place becomes an unforgettable destination for those who come to the capital. Moreover, this art project also has a meaning that promotes the culture and protects the environment and urban landscape and promotes the economic development - tourism.
19 artworks with 19 arches are the "specialties" of Phung Hung today. Coming to Phung Hung, you will see a "static but dynamic" image that really catches your eye. Nearly 20 of these works were drawn in the framework of the elevated railway bridge arch - which is an interesting point and also gives the meaning of conveying the message of a civilized thousand-year capital. In the face of a big change in the economy and social politics, the place still maintains the essence of the national culture.
Some of the typical works of Phung Hung Street are: Dong Xuan market painting at arch 67, the familiar water machine image of Hanoi people in the late twentieth century, the charming beauty of the ancient and ancient culture, image of a jingle train reminding Hanoi residents of "a time of bombing - a time of peace" or images of such idyllic, familiar street vendors, ... All of them recreated a Ha The interior is very old, very old, very close, making our hearts lightheaded.
hung leprosy flowers for youVehicles to Phung Hung mural street
To Phung Hung, you can choose many different ways and means. You can choose to move by the following ways:
- Public transport (bus): This is the most convenient means for visitors, especially for students. Buses pass Phung Hung like 01, 19 and 23.
- Free vehicles: If you are an active person, you can choose the means for yourself as a motorbike. Motorbike to Phung Hung is finished, you can send your car in public car park or nearby houses. A ticket for motorbikes costs about 10,000 VND.
- Taxi, motorbike taxi: If you do not want to drive or take a bus, you can choose a vehicle or taxi or motorbike. Depending on your wishes, choose the most suitable means for you.
Where to go next when you come to Phung Hung? 
You can go to Dong Xuan market, Ban Hang Dau Water 
In addition, Phung Hung is also connected to other streets in 36 Phuong street, so, coming to Phung Hung is never boring, because you can "glide Ignore "the old town all day but not all. Connecting Phung Hung is Hang Luoc street, a street with famous Flower Market.

for flowersWhat to eat in Phung Hung?
Coming to Phung Hung not only to play, to take photos, you can also enjoy a lot of very "Hanoi" dishes. After visiting and taking photos of boredom, you can "hang out" of 36 streets and enjoy simple dishes of Hanoi such as bun cha, crab cakes, soup cakes, vermicelli, .... especially, Trang Tien ice cream and a walk around the lake is something not to be missed.
In addition, you may not know, Phung Hung is one of the 10 famous streets of Hanoi cuisine. This is the first street specializing in hotpot business, especially serving tourists at night. Phung Hung has long been a "rendezvous" with diners who love this warm food. Hot pot dishes such as chicken hotpot, seafood hotpot, Hong Kong hotpot, Sichuan hotpot for between 250,000 - 300,000 / pot.


lau hong kong yixiIt can be seen, Phung Hung Street appears as a multi-color picture that reminds us of an old Hanoi. If you come to Hanoi but don't come to this street to check-in, it's a pity.

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