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Phuong Linh Flower Garden

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:09
Phuong Linh Flower Garden - better known by its more common name is Nhat Tan peach garden. This is also the largest and most beautiful artificial flower garden in Nhat Tan, which is a must-see "virtual living" check-in place for young people who love photography and is also the first choice of couples to take photos. wedding
Phuong Linh Flower Garden
Phuong Linh Flower Garden is located at Lane 264 Au Co, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. This is one of the most beautiful and spacious flower gardens in Nhat Tan, especially attracting many couples to take wedding photos.
Flower gardens are open all year round, each season has a change of appearance and layout to suit each occasion. Coming here on Lunar New Year days you will be filled with the tender pink of fresh peaches. There is no shortage of peaches with tens of years of life with unique and rare characteristics.
Vuon flowers buy xuan
(spring photo)
But if you want to have colorful, colorful photos with Japanese flowers, sunflower, lilies, butterfly wings, visit in the fall and summer. Make sure you are ecstatic at the irresistible beauty of thousands of flowers surrounded by cuddling "hugging" for you.
vuon hoa linh 2
(summer photos)
September, October every year is the start of the wedding season, is also the occasion for people and houses eager to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Phuong Linh flower garden is therefore also cared for more to open the door to welcome young people to see flowers and take photos.
vuon hoa phuong phuong linh buy and sell

(autumn photos)
The space in the garden is changed to the appearance of colorful Mid-Autumn Festival. Hue leaf hats and colorful lanterns are the main highlight in this year's Tet holiday. Flower garden but not only flowers. This is the difference that makes people love Phuong Linh garden because every time they come here, it is once experienced in a new space, not the same time. Suggestions for the ladies of traditional dresses or modern cheongsam will be a very good combination with the vast flower fields here.
Phuong Linh flower garden each season will be decorated and bring a different look so you should choose for yourself the right clothes for each time.
vuon hoa linh 1

In the spring, the Spirit Flower Garden is filled with pink peach colors, the girls wearing traditional dresses or modern cheongsam will be a very uniting combination with the spring atmosphere filled here.
In the summer, Phuong Linh flower garden is like a coat full of brilliant colors of hundreds of flowers, you can choose for yourself the splendid and brilliant dresses to mix with the colors of the place. here.
vuon hoa linh 2

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, the overalls, four-piece or long sleeves are the perfect combination with the lanterns arranged here.
Not only is the location for you to "pose" photos when going on a picnic, Phuong Garden is also a place for wedding photography familiar with couples who love romantic style. You will have a beautiful wedding photo album with sparkling flowers, lilies, butterfly wings ... in the summer. Especially in the spring, the days of Lunar New Year, you will have the opportunity to take wedding photos in the beautifully decorated cherry blossom garden. Each true peach root in this flower garden is worth tens of millions of VND, including those dating from the ten years dating to the rare. The peach garden will give your wedding photos the difference of Japanese colors.
(many wedding photos taken at Phuong Linh flower garden)
Beautiful wedding photography studio at Phuong Linh flower garden
You can take a beautiful wedding photography studio at Phuong Linh Flower Garden like:
  • Tiara Studio
  • TuArts Nguyen
  • Zoom studio
  • Veo studio
  • Lavender Studio
  • Adventure Media
  • HaiLeCao
  • Hoang Thai Studio
  • Green Wedding
  • Juno Studio
  • Cong Studio
Go to Phuong Linh flower garden you have t
With an entrance ticket price of only VND50,000 a person, Phuong Linh flower garden gives you hundreds of "virtual living" photos and a time of being immersed in the beauty of nature. Please invite friends to come here once to feel this special space yourself. Make sure you feel excited just want to be back soon.
However, if you come to take wedding photos, the ticket price ranges from 100 - 200,000 VND for an ekip.
To go to Phuong Linh Flower Garden you can:
  • Call Taxi, Motorbike (Download grab or access app ) Mai Linh: 0438616161 Taxi Group 0438262626
  • Bus: Bus routes to Phuong Linh flower garden:
    • Line 31: Bach Khoa - University of Mining
    • Line 33: BX My Dinh - Xuan Dinh
    • Route 41: Nghi Tam - BX Giap Bat
    • Line 55: BX Luong Yen - Cau Giay
    • Route 58: Yen Phu - Me Linh General Hospital
    • Route 86: Hanoi - Bo Ho Station - Noi Bai Airport

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