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Night market in Hanoi's old town or many people called with the name associated with the famous market of the capital - Dong Xuan night market, is one of the places of entertainment and shopping can not be missed for young people as well as tourists. Because here you will be lost in an extremely interesting world, in addition to finding the clothes, cosmetics like that, watching the eyes of traditional items, you also get lost in paradise eating steam guide with enough left cakes, ice cream tea.
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Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market (Photo: Collectibles)
This bustling night market is located in Hoan Kiem district, next to Sword Lake and Hanoi pedestrian street - which has been implemented by the government since 2016. Including 3 streets of Dao Dao - Hang Ngang - Hang Road, stretching about 1km from Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square to Dong Xuan market gate area.
Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market starts from 18:00 - 23:00 on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. At this time, the restaurants and mobile restaurants will start welcoming visitors.
You should go to the market before 19:00 to facilitate the parking, then leisurely enjoy the bustling atmosphere here.
Guide to go back to the night market of Hanoi Old Quarter
You can choose many ways to reach the night market area as follows:
You choose the route 09, 14, 36 to Bo Ho, then walk to the Church. Or choose the No.1 bus to Trieu Quoc Dat, then walk to Phu Doan -> Au Trieu -> The Cathedral.
Motorbike / car
If you choose to move with these 2 vehicles, you should pay attention to the forbidden roads and one-way roads around this area to avoid penalties for basic traffic violations.
For example: You can refer to a motorbike road without a reverse road such as: Xa dan - Le Duan - Tran Nhan Tong - Quang Trung - Nha Chung.
Call taxi / motorbike taxi
Or more simply, if you are not fluent in Hanoi streets, please call your phone immediately for a taxi or motorbike taxi (Grap, Goviet or other traditional car companies for example). The drivers will take you to the right place where you don't need to worry about anything anymore. 
Where to buy a night market in Hanoi?
You can park your car at the location closest to the night market, which is: parking lot along Bao Khanh street next to Drum with a price of 10k / evening.
Because Hanoi city has planned the night market of Hanoi Old Quarter to be a part of the walking street on the weekend, so the parking to enter the night market is also planned with the pedestrian street area. . 
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Old town night market sells many different items (Photo: Collectibles)
Located in the middle of Hanoi's ancient streets, this special "fair market" brings together nearly 4,000 booths with a wide variety of categories and items from clothes, toys, souvenirs to handicrafts. fine art, food, ... with relatively affordable prices, suitable for the budget of many tourists when coming here. Entering the market, you will be immersed in the space of color and lively and bustling atmosphere. In the bright light, the items sold became sparkling, more brilliant, attracting tourists. Especially on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas or Lunar New Year, lanterns, star lights, Christmas decorations, ... many colors are sold so anyone who passes by must stop to look .

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Old town night market sells Christmas decorations (Photo: Collectibles)
Visiting the old town night market, you will feel overwhelmed by an extremely rich and attractive dining paradise. Going along the streets, you can freely choose a variety of pure Vietnamese dishes, famous Hanoi gifts to Korean dishes or Asian - European style dishes. There are many bands performing folk art and cultural performances, traditional music such as chèo, xam, quan quan, ca tru, ... creating the lively features of the old town night market.
Cuisine at the Old Quarter Night Market
Referring to Hanoi's night market cuisine, diners who used to call here often call this night market a paradise of snacks, with a great deal of delicious dishes. You can savor dishes from budget to more advanced with a wide universal price ranging from a few thousand to one / two hundred thousand for a dish.
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Real dinner at the night market of Hanoi Old Quarter
Below we will help you list the hottest dishes of Hanoi's Old Market night market, each with its own delicious taste, you will not have to think about what to eat at the old town night market anymore.
  • ♣ Grilled skewers meat: 20k / 3 skewers.
  • ♣ Sausage: 15k / skew.
  • ♣ Waffle candy waffles: 10k / pcs.
  • Xoáy Tornado potatoes: 20k / skewers.
  • ♣ Combo cheese taro + lemon juice: 35k / combo.
  • ♣ Dried beef mango salad: 20k / rate.
  • ♣ Bear cake: 60k / bag
  • Quốc Korean barbecue: walk 20k a skew, price
  • ♣ Korean skewers: 20k / skewers. There are many types of skewers, you can choose skewers to go to dishes like buffet, the owner will bake for you, the skewers are served with sauce with sweet and sour sauce. You can choose the first shop to enter from the market gate, the shop with octopus with a dipping sauce is remarkably good)
  • Cá Fish ball cake: 20k / skewers - Wavy fish cakes like Korean street food, this dish is slightly salty, fragrant fish, there are two types of boiled and fried, using sweet and sour sauce.
  • Hàn Korean Kimpap: 30k / tray - fried kimpap with quite good sauce.
  • ♣ Spicy rice cake Korean tokbokki: 20k / cup. According to some comments, compared to Korean guests, the tokbokki dish here is quite sweet, but for Vietnamese people, you can eat quite well. If you want to eat more spicy, you can ask the owner to add chili sauce.
  • ♣ Thai green tea ice cream roll: 30k / cup
  • ♣ Thai curry cranberry ice cream: 40k / cup
  • ♣ Mix fruit: 20k / cup
  • Cuốn Roll rice paper: 20k / capacity, with cheese cake, mixed rice paper and rice paper roll
  • ♣ Fruit ice cream: 25k / pcs
  • Hội Hoi An tube ice cream: 5k / pcs
  • ♣ Bread types: 15k / pcs
  • ♣ Ship drifting cake: 10k - 20k / bowl, ginger-scented black sesame train cake is warmly suitable for Hanoi days in the autumn.
  • ♣ Beef, grilled stew: 150k - 300k / capacity
In addition, there are many other items such as dried beef salad, pillow, tea, ice cream, stir-fried corn, grilled corn, roasted sweet potatoes, and sliced ​​kudzu. and other rustic dishes are also chosen by many tourists to enjoy.
Or you can turn to the neighborhood of Hang Buom cuisine to enjoy grilled dishes, boiled snails, sweet potatoes, banana cakes, quẩy, porridge, crabs, steamed clams ... full of delicious and interesting.
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The rich culinary world seems to hold visitors to the night market
thit nuong

Attractive with baked skewers of 20,000 VND per stick, Korean spicy rice cake -Tokbokki 20,000 VND per cup.
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Direct, hot, skewered skewers are very suitable for this cold weather
Loc rotation sweet potato

Tornado potato is a popular dish
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Then there are countless snacks ...
 What are some other interesting night markets in Hanoi's old town?
Shopping for cheap items
In addition to the attractive dishes, Hanoi Old Quarter also attracts four-way tourists with items from phone panels, meticulously designed cards, clothes, shoes, bags, belts. , home appliances, souvenirs, ... Each item has a normal price, only from a few tens of thousands of dong to several hundred thousand dong.
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Shopping at the night market of Hanoi Old Quarter
  • ♣ You can buy pretty sweaters for around 90k - 120k
  • Thô Raw khaki pants, jeans with the amount of 100k - 200k.
  • ♣ With 30k, you picked up a wooden keychains engraved with your name.
  • ♣ Unique greeting cards cost only 20k.
  • ♣ Winter autumn clothes are about 50k / piece.
  • ♣ Women's sweater is about 80k / piece
  • ♣ Tshirts cost from 50k-120k / unit.
  • ♣ Women's socks 20k / 3 pairs, men's socks 30k - 35k / 3 pairs.
  • ♣ Wool scarf 40k - 90k / pcs.
  • Xách Handbag 70k - 100k - 200k / bag.
All these items are sold on mobile shops, or in bright houses along the street. There are many things to choose from. However, consider when deciding to buy a product. Because here is mainly Chinese goods, imported from Mong Cai - Quang Ninh area or Lang Son and Lao Cai border gates ... And remember to choose carefully, because there may be some items that are damaged, errors, ...
Charming space
Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is a combination of ancient features of tiled roofs of time-colored, walls covered with mossy and bustling atmosphere, people passing by. All create special charm that expatriates will remember when leaving Hanoi.
Right next to the pedestrian street
Do not forget to be right next to the night market, which is also a walking street, just walk a little more towards Hoan Kiem Lake, you can enjoy more bustling atmosphere but not too crowded like in the night market. .
There are days when rain falls without thick seeds, the night market of the old town still attracts many people and tourists. That's enough for you to see the attractiveness of this market right? Wish you have a happy weekend with your friends and loved ones.

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