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My Dinh Stadium

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:37
My Dinh National Stadium is the second largest national stadium in Vietnam (after Can Tho stadium). There are big matches here, attracting thousands of home fans.
My Dinh Stadium
Where is My Dinh yard?
In 2001, Vietnam decided to build My Dinh national stadium with the aim of serving the SEA Games 2003. My Dinh National Stadium is located on Le Duc Tho Street (My Dinh 1 - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi ). This is the second largest stadium in the country with more than 40,000 seats (only after Can Tho stadium - nearly 50,000 seats).
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Gate of My Dinh National Stadium
Design of My Dinh national stadium
My Dinh stadium is designed with 4 stands (A, B, C, D) in which stands A and B with a 2-storey roof design. Stands C and D are designed with 1 floor, no roof. The main side of the yard is 105 meters wide by 68 meters.
My Dinh National Stadium consists of 1 main yard and 2 training grounds with an area of ​​17.5 ha. The main function of the course is to serve the King and athletics sport (with 8 rounds of 400m and 10 straight lines of 110m). In addition, the My Dinh national stadium model also has 2 high jump courts, 2 pitches for throwing dumbbells, throwing javelins, 2 lumping double jumps and 2 zones for dual long jumps.
With 419 function rooms, 337 lights arranged in 4 different 54m high columns, My Dinh National Stadium meets enough for more than 40,000 seats, including 450 VIP seats and 160 seats for reporters. newspapers.
Activities on My Dinh yard
High-end service on high
My Dinh Stadium looks from above
Officially operating on September 2, 2003, this is the stadium that organized the Southeast Asian Games in 2003 with the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and men's soccer and athletics matches. The first match on My Dinh Stadium was the match between Vietnam U23 and Shanghai Bodybuilding Club (China).
In addition, this is also the venue for the Opening Ceremony of the 3rd Asian Indoor Games held on October 30 - November 8, 2009. In July 2007, My Dinh Stadium was one of four stadiums in four different countries hosting the Asian Cup.
Since its founding, My Dinh National Stadium has played many matches in the tournament. Each game attracts thousands of Vietnamese football fans. It can be seen that the best picture is when Vietnam won the AFF CUP in 2008. And most recently, the Asian U23 tournament took place in Changzhou China.
san van dong my dinh5
Covered stands at My Dinh yard
It can be seen whether or not the game will take place directly on My Dinh stadium, the spirit of the Vietnamese people is always high. Perhaps, every Vietnamese citizen will never forget the moment when the red flag of My Dinh red and gold is red, and people often call it "My Dinh fire pan".
Because of the love of football and national pride, any match that has a Vietnamese team to participate in, the stands of My Dinh stadium are often filled with people. Despite the expensive fare - cheap, or having to buy tickets from ticket parties, costing more than 1 million dongs, all still do not stop the Vietnamese spirit of football love.
How to come to My Dinh national stadium?
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Every match, My Dinh yard attracts thousands of viewers
- Motorbike / motorbike (with parking lot)
- Taxi, motorcycle taxi
- Bus: Including routes 09, 26, 28 and 50
Activities at My Dinh yard
On weekdays, this place is not bustling but is still a favorite destination for many people to roam, relax, enjoy the wind. It is simply that they come and lie on the grass, or run and jump, fly kites. In the evening, many stone tea shops at My Dinh gate opened, many young people came here to drink water, enjoy the wind and confide.
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My Dinh fire pan after Asia U23 tournament
My Dinh National Stadium is gradually becoming a favorite destination for young people on every weekend. Here, many parking lots (prices are slightly expensive, depending on the time). Moreover, besides, there are many people who eat with good food. You will have a day of experience, delight in playing and eating delicious food. Nothing is better than that.
Hotels near My Dinh National Stadium
- Ping Hotel My Dinh
Address: No. 26-28 Me Tri Ha - Me Tri - Tu Liem - Hanoi
Phone contact: 024 3785 8408
- Crowne Plaza Hotel West Hanoi
Address: No. 36 Le Duc Tho, My Dinh - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi
Phone contact: 024 6270 6688
- JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi
Address: No. 8 Do Duc Duc - Me Tri - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi
Phone contact: 024 3833 5588

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