Phu Tay Ho

Phu Tay Ho

With its historical values, great culture and sacred origin and unique beauty, Phuoc Phu has become a regular destination for Ha Thanh people and tourists.


Lunar New Year, do not ignore the check-in points

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:41
Do you plan to go out for a New Year's Eve? The following attractions are suitable for a 2-3 day trip, 40-100 km from Hanoi. Do not ignore these helpful suggestions.
Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)
Tam Dao is about 80km away from Hanoi, the time of traveling by motorbike and car is only about 2 hours. Tam Dao tourist area has a majestic mountain landscape, covering a vast northern plain.
I have three knives
Tam Dao ancient church.
In Tam Dao, catering services are available, motels and hotels from cheap to high-end are available, however there are not many places to play if you plan to stay for a few days. TV tower, Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple, Silver waterfall, golf course, Tam Dao ancient church ... are places that cannot be overlooked when going to Tam Dao.
Not to mention with this land of paint, you also have the opportunity to enjoy special dishes such as wild boar, hill chicken, deep chit wine, sui vegetable ... and the friendly, lovely to the surprise of people. local people.
Sa Pa (Lao Cai)
Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is famous as a tourist destination in the beautiful North with year-round mist, fresh air, lush green rice fields and poetic beauty of the Highland market. 
Exam tran suong mo sapa
Sapa town faint.
The abundance of places to play, culture, food, accommodation from cheap to luxury has created a compelling attraction of this fuzzy town. Sapa has a series of beautiful cafes for leisure travelers to enjoy the beauty here. Coming to Sapa, you will enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere of the summer or the extremely exciting "snow hunting" opportunity in winter.
Notable attractions in Sapa such as Cat Cat village, Ham Rong mountain, Tinh Yeu waterfall, Heaven Gate, ancient stone beach, conquering Fansipan peak .... Especially, tourists should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Delicious dishes such as salmon, sturgeon, chicken, ham, spring fish, wild vegetables or delicious baked goods: corn, grilled potatoes, pork wrapped in cat, pork wrapped with mushrooms, skewers, legs BBQ Chicken...
Mai Chau (Hoa Binh)
70km from Hanoi to Hoa Binh town, another 60km to Mai Chau. At the first stage is the 12km Cun slope. Called a slope, but the winding road is very dangerous, sometimes it is mistaken as a car going into a sea of ​​clouds. Located at an altitude of 200-1.500m above sea level, Mai Chau has a cool and fresh climate all year round.
Mai Chau Valley with undulating terraced fields, stilted houses with colorful brocade cloths create an attractive space for tourists near and far. At the same time, the devout believers who come to Mai Chau can find the favorite white stone pass recently to have the most "virtual" live pictures.
Man flowers tomorrow
The idyllic beauty of Mai Chau.
Mai Chau is known as the capital of Thai people. Entering Thai villages, listening to them tell stories of legend, watching them weaving brocades, playing musical instruments will bring you great experiences.
In the tourist season, Lac village is always busy and happy as the festival. Visitors to Mai Chau are not only young, Vietnamese families but also attract a lot of foreign tourists.
Mai Chau specialties are rich but the best is still sticky rice and honey. Mai Chau sticky rice is fragrant and has been famous for a long time, it is a memory and a memory of every visitor when coming here.
Ha Long (Quang Ninh)
With thousands of islands large and small and many splendid caves, Ha Long Bay has long been a favorite destination. From Hanoi, visitors can come here to visit, enjoy seafood and sleep at night on the bay. The next day, you can try interesting activities such as kayaking, fishing village visits ... 
Arriving in Ha Long Bay, tourists can take a cruise to see the scenery. You will see misty mist like in dreams, crystal-clear sea water reflecting the image of islands in the distance ... And tourists will encounter floating houses of the locals, the The boat was crowded back and forth on the bay. All that will definitely make tourists excited.
Ha Long has a huge cave system, each cave has its own beauty and its associated stories.
In addition, tourists can also take a boat to Co To Island to swim and dive to see the beautiful coral reefs. This place is also very suitable for wild tourists, not crowded like other places.
In addition, visitors can visit the Yen Tu relic site - the pagoda system, the pagoda, the ancient tower and forest, blending with the natural landscape, scattered from the Red slope to Yen Tu mountain in the height gradually. The beauty of Yen Tu is the magnificence of mountains mixed with the old-fashioned features of the system, towers along with larch, big tree, bamboo and apricot trees growing on both sides of the shady road to make tourists cross. I forgot the sluggish slope. 
Dong Mo (Ba Vi - Hanoi)
This is an ideal place for Hanoi people if they don't want to go too far on the Lunar New Year. Dong Mo is about 40 km from Hanoi, suitable for picnics and camping.
There is Son Tinh Camp area with large campus and charming landscape, 3 sides bordering Dong Mo Lake, fruit tree forest interspersed with virgin forest, creating a beautiful natural landscape, suitable for families There are small children with play spaces and for the whole group.
dong mo

You can rent a camp for about 400,000 VND with a view of the lake, along with some convenient items, separate toilet area. Guests can participate in fun activities such as Dai Mo Dong Dong Lake, adventure games, boating boats or sightseeing boats, camp fire ...
Trang An - Ninh Binh
More than 90 km south of Hanoi capital, Trang An eco-tourism area is located in Trang An scenic complex, Ninh Binh province has really become "The dream destination, the hope" of tourists in and foreign. It covers an area of ​​thousands of square meters, surrounded by a system of submerged limestone mountains creating lakes and valleys interconnected by 48 trans-marine caves and many other caves.
Trang An
Trang An cave complex consists of 50 dry caves and 50 submerged caves, very diverse in morphology and type.
Overview of the ecological area is a majestic and magnificent mountainous area created by all-terrain mountains that shine down into small, winding streams, linking the caves and pristine valleys, period Amazingly beautiful pumpkin.
Visiting Trang An eco-tourism area, visitors will experience each level of emotions, discover the far-away roots of human life, enjoy the pure and refined beauty and serene atmosphere. filtered and proud of the golden features of history imprinted in the mountain, river shape at the beginning of the process of building the country of three dynasties: King Dinh Tien Hoang, King Le Dai Hanh and King Ly Thai Group
The combination of different types of tourism such as Ecotourism, Spirituality and Historic Monuments creates rich and attractive tours. Journey through the sea to explore caves in Trang An eco-tourism area follows a closed route, the beginning and the end are bordered at the Ang Muong ferry. According to the route, visitors will pass through 12 caves connected by valleys and three historical and spiritual sites. The time for a trip lasts about 3 hours.

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