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Love Garden Hanoi

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:12
Every time in life is a beautiful time that everyone wants to save. It could be a time of student enthusiasm, a sweet moment of love or simply the most peaceful moments of life ... All that will be sent to beautiful photos. With a little attention, you will find that recently, outdoor photography is a trend that is very popular among young people. Love Garden Hanoi is the photography garden, designed exclusively for taking great photos and photos that you should not miss.
Love Garden Hanoi
love gadren
We can easily recognize, a beautiful photo is not only beautiful people are captured, but the shooting space must be very poetic. Understanding that need, Love Garden was born so that young people have an ideal choice to beautify their pictures. This interesting destination is located in Lane 445 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi - an easy-to-find address.
To create a difference with other photography spaces, it can be said that this is a pioneering place in building a model of outdoor photography, open space with wide campus, many shooting angles. Each shooting angle brings to young people a set of images that have a distinct personality and personal mark. Here you will like to be immersed in the romantic scene that you think you can only see on films with thin, soft, fluffy chiffon bands decorated in gardens, the beautiful house. Seamless suspension of European style hanging in the air is colorful and unique, suitable for mischievous, lovely photo sets. All become more harmonious in a large, sparkling space. 
love gadren 3Going deep inside, you will feel more and more interesting and interesting things such as the clear pond of water hyacinth with the rustic white boat, peaceful breed, the lush greenery garden stretching as we are lost in the gentle, delicate space of passionate autumn. The piano is placed right on the pond bank as a highlight by the harmony between simplicity and elegance. All despite being very simple and familiar, but they have created their own imprints, very homogeneous ... Each corner of this space brings its own beauty for your photos, just put the device up is there a beautiful picture again. You will also be surprised with the green climbing trellises or the colorful flower path, the bridge is decorated fanciful, sparkling. Therefore, This place is likened to the roads of love filled with sun and wind that you can only see in romantic, romantic Korean movies. Not only is the beautiful check-in place for young people, but Love Garden is also a place chosen by many couples to take wedding photos, re-mark the love moments in romantic and charming scenes. here. Your frames will definitely be more beautiful and sparkling if done here. 
love gadren 5Ticket price for photos at Love Garden
The ticket price here is also quite cheap, about VND 50,000 / person and VND 100,000 - 200,000 for the e-ticket. This is a reasonable price for students, or couples, so please feel free to take pictures. If you have time, please come here on the first days of the week, when there will be a private space without jostling to delight in taking photos or playing. Inside is also a place to rent clothes such as wedding dress, party dress, vest ... for about 50,000 - 100,000 VND.
The means to move to Love Garden 
If you travel by private means, you will move all of Au Co road to Lac Long Quan, you will be sent to the car to come here. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at  or Taxi Mai Linh 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626
If you go by bus, you will go to the following routes that will stop near this area: 25,33,55, ... with a ticket price of only VND 7,000 More specifically, visitors can use the bus search application to search or visit the website:  or use google map to search .
Places to eat near Love Garden
After you have the best pictures, visit these interesting places to eat:
Hand shower
  • Sen Tay Ho - 614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho
  • Bun Giay Ho Tay - 5 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho
  • Long Ga Food Garden - No. 45, Lane 76, An Duong, Tay Ho
  • Tay Ho Shrimp Cake
Places of interest near Love Garden


Damn itAfter having a great experience at Love Garden, you can go to Dam Sen Ho Tay not far away to see the fragrant, green lotus flowers on the lake feel the pure flavor of flowers This folk. After that, you come to Nhat Tan flower village, about 3km away, to take a walk around sightseeing, shooting for you or your family the best pictures. Surely your trip will be much more interesting. 

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