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Long Bien Flower Herb

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:11
Hanoi capital is not only known for famous sightseeing places, modern amusement parks but also attracts young people because of the great photography locations. If you are looking for a beautiful and romantic place to take wedding photos, yearbook photos? Do you want to keep with your relatives and friends to keep memories in a unique place and still be close to nature? Long Bien Flower Herb is your best choice with a large space filled with unique flowers.
Long Bien Flower Herb
Sports flowers
New Long Bien Flower Herb has been built since the middle of 2015 but has attracted hundreds of young people because it has met their very real needs when they want to save memorable moments of life. Called Flower steppe because this is the land of many flowers such as: daisies, female pinks, purple waterlily, heather flowers ... The flowers stretch on the 6 acres of grassland, so beautiful that it makes people feel like being lost in the place of the first place. Flower prairie has an area of ​​up to 6 hectares for you to freely drop the flying power with the most natural pictures. Thanks to the large area, the owner of this steppe has designed many beautiful and unique space corners, each with its own beauty. So when you come here, you will be really surprised by the large, sparkling space. 
sports flowers
Come to Long Bien flower steppe, you will see romantic scenes only in the movie with the flower forest. The most prominent here is the vast purple heather of herbaceous heather, the headline with the meaning of water, the love of iron lipstick not far away. Next is the yellow daisy flower which stands out in the vast green grass, the roses are bright in the sunshine. This side is a velvety, soft green grass with romantic white fences that make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a vast steppe. Then the white bridge arched with the prickly branches of cherry blossoms. Romantic pigeon houses as in fiction. Of course you will be spoiled for posing to have the best photos. Especially when you come here, you will not have to worry about the problem that the flowers are no longer beautiful because the owners of the flower gardens have thoughtfully propagated the new flowers, so you will always be photographed with fresh flowers. And in the future, this steppe will be planted with peaches and white plums to create a new perspective similar to the poetic Moc Chau green prairie.

Sports flowers 3Surprisingly, you don't need to go as far as Australia to take photos with sheep or horses. Even at the Long Bien flower steppe, Australia's sheep and horse breeding farm is simulated, giving customers special and unique landscapes. Just a few young leaves, you can attract beautiful sheep to take pictures with you. This is really an interesting and new experience for young people coming here to take photos in the wild. 

sports flower 2In addition to the outdoor shooting scenes mingling with the poetic and wild nature, the views of the studio in the house are characterized by modern Europe, decorated fussy, luxurious with the main white colors for you to meet. The power changes according to your style and personality.
When coming to Long Bien Flower Herb, surely one thing you will have the most beautiful photos, wedding photos ... where you can not. Or sometimes you can come here to immerse yourself in the wonderful flower prairie, forget about worries and troubles to have the most relaxing moments.
Photographic prices in Long Bien Flower Herb
The basic entry price is 70k / turn for 1 photo and 1 photographer is included, this is the lowest price in the price list. Although, compared to a place far from the city center, it is also relatively high. But in return, the experience that Long Bien green prairie brings to you is great.
For couples taking wedding photos, the price will be 350k / turn for an ekip of 5 people, generating 1 extra person 50k. Guests who want to take photos with horses or sheep will have to spend another 50k for 2 children. However, shooting time is not limited. Couples often come here all day to choose for themselves the most beautiful, sparkling, romantic photo corners.
Flower herbs are open on all days of the week. However, because of the great attraction of the prairie, if you have time, you should come here on weekdays to be able to have the best frames. Because the weekend will be quite crowded, although the studio is large and has lots of shooting angles, you still have to wait to find the angle you want. 
Means to go to Long Bien Flower Herb
Because this is a very famous place, you will easily go here in many ways: 
  • If traveling by private means, from Long Bien dike, you follow the direction of Vinh Tuy bridge about 1.5 km, turn right into Thach Cau street about 1km to come. There will be a parking area and a separate storage area for you. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at  or Taxi Mai Linh 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626
  • If traveling by bus you can go by bus routes 47. More specifically, visitors can use the bus search application to search or access the Website or use google map to find Search .
Dining locations near Long Bien Flower Herb
  • Burger King Aeon Mal Long Bien - 27 Co Linh, Long Bien Ward, Long Bien District
  • Tasty  27 Co Linh Street , Long Bien - 3rd Floor, TTTM Aeon Mall
  • Bingsu Dessert KT - 5th Floor Mipec Long Bien, Long Bien (35k) 
  • Beef cheese pizza - TTTM Aeon Mall, Co Linh, Long Bien 
  • Cupcake green tea - Shopping Center Aeon Mall, Co Linh, Long Bien
Fun places near Long Bien Flower Herb


aeon mall 1
  • AEON Mall Long Bien Shopping Center
  • Bat Trang pottery village
  • Long Bien Bridge

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