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Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:03
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower is currently the tallest and most modern building in Vietnam. It is becoming one of the most luxurious hotel-office complexes in Hanoi - an interesting stop when tourists visit the capital.
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower project, started in 2008, was built with the aim of celebrating 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi (2010). This is a high-class hotel-office-apartment complex invested in Pham Hung Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi by the famous Keangnam conglomerate of Korea. good and comfortable, near the airport and synchronous infrastructure system, including shopping, entertainment, office buildings, service rooms, gymnasiums with modern equipment, quality construction Excellent construction, beautiful and standard design of buildings and furniture. 
Coming to this 72-storey building, visitors will have extremely interesting and interesting experiences. The most popular attraction is the Sky72 observatory at the 72nd floor. This is a miniature art and entertainment area with a gallery of pictures, 3D photography area, a world of 3D technology, a 5D movie theater and most especially the vision from the 72nd floor is extremely unique. Leading up to Sky72 has a special lift to go up 72 floors in less than 1 minute. You have to buy tickets to the elevator at a price of 100,000 VND for children, from 160,000 VND for adults and free for children under 80cm including the entire service at Sky72. Prices on Saturdays and Sundays will increase slightly and decrease with more than 10 people. Up to the place, you will be overwhelmed by the extremely beautiful scenery when viewed from the tallest building in Hanoi.

sky saturated 72On the observation deck of Sky72, there are many interesting and unique miniature entertainment areas such as 3D photography area which are very popular with young people. You can freely create your own unique and beautiful photos with friends and relatives in this 3D painting area. Or you can also visit the ultra-modern 3D technology zone with the latest Korean technology on display and introduction in the field of entertainment.
keagnam 3dKeangnam Hanoi is also a place where art lovers cannot ignore. Art Link exhibition area is a miniature paradise of art. There you will experience the culture from traditional art with many types of art in Vietnam or abroad in this very modern and elegant space. 

And one thing that especially attracts young people at Keangnam Hanoi is probably the Wish Wall Wall. This is the place to keep the wishes, the couple's message in a unique way on the Wish Wall's colorful bricks at the top of Vietnam's tallest tower. 
After an excursion, have fun at Sky72, you can take a rest at cafe VPresso, while enjoying cakes and drinks slowly admiring the top view when the city begins to light up. Surely you will feel relaxed when dropping your soul into endless space. 
Transport to Keangnam Hanoi
If traveling by private vehicle, you can go along the ring road 3 and go to E6 Cau Giay urban area, Pham Hung street. This is the center of Cau Giay district so it is very easy to travel and find the way, you will not be difficult to see the tallest building in Hanoi, although it is very far away. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at  or Mai Mai Taxi 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626.
If traveling by bus you can travel by bus routes 05, 29, 33, 39, 44 with a fare of only VND 7,000. More specifically, visitors can use the bus search application to search or access the Website  or use google map to search .
Popular hotels near Keangnam Hanoi
  • My Way Hotel & Residen 86 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi (0.3 km away)
  • Luxeden Hotel, 78 Tran Thai Tong, Cau Giay (0.9 km away)
  • Dolphin Plaza, 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh (0.4 km away)
  • Au Viet Hotel - 126 Nguyen Hoang, My Dinh (0.6 km away)
Good eating places near Keangnam Hanoi
  • Buffet TBQ - Số 279 Nguyễn Hoàng, Nam Từ Liêm District.
  • Seafood World - Floor 1-2, Tower C, Golden Palace Building, 99 Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem District.
  • Yakimono - 170 Tran Binh, My Dinh ward, Nam Tu Liem district.
  • Al Fresco's - G Floor - Door 01 - The Garden Shopping Center, My Dinh Ward, Nam Tu Liem District.
  • Shabu X - Basement B1, Golden Palace Building, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem District.
  • Delicious Fish Ball - 1st Floor, House A2 Nguyen Co Thach, Phuong My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem District.

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