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Hom Market

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:26
Located at 79 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Hom Duc Vien Market is the oldest and famous market (next to Dong Xuan Market, Long Bien Market and Quang Ba Market). The market is open from 6 am - 6 pm all days of the week. This is the ideal shopping place for housewives.
Hom Market
What is in the Hom Market?
Talking about the market means talking about the market. Here there are almost all items serving the daily needs of the family, from clothes, cloth, food, fruits, etc. The main beneficiaries are housewives, students, students, the people near the market.
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The entrance to market Cho Duc Vien
The most item in this market is cloth. Here, the designs and types of fabrics are extremely rich and diverse. Customers can choose fabrics for clothing, blanket, curtain, ... The fabrics also have many types, from popular to high-end. In addition, there are many stalls selling ready-made clothes for you to choose from.
The items at Hom Market are sourced from China, so the price is quite cheap. The price of a scarf is only 60 - 120k. Or thin sets of only 150 - 220k.
In addition, there are many other booths by area such as food area, snack area, fruit area, fruit, .. Each booth, each area is arranged in a very reasonable order of space. .
How to arrange booths at Hom market
The stalls are demarcated quite clearly and clearly so buyers can easily find the product area they want to visit. Hom Market has 2 floors, 1st floor is clothes, cloth, accessories. Here, customers can buy wholesale or buy retail according to their needs. Household items and cosmetics are also very diverse.
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Shopping area in Hom market
Going to the second floor is a food and food area. The food court is also very clearly divided into dry areas, fresh food areas or snacks.
In the middle of the market is a food court. It sells a variety of fruits. After shopping, customers can stop at the area called "snack paradise" with attractive dishes such as porridge, tea, rice, cake, .... This is also the area serving breakfast for many people around.
The area for selling fresh food is very wide but there are not many items. These foods mainly serve the daily needs of people around.

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Come to Hom Market by what means?
Food area
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There are many ways to get to Hom Market, you can choose some of the following facilities:
- Walking: With the people living around Hom Market, walking is the most convenient option
- Bicycles / motorbikes: Inside the market there is a parking lot but the price is quite expensive, VND 5,000 / bicycle and VND 10,000 / motorbike.
- Taxi, motorbike taxi: Some people who are inconvenient can choose taxi or motorbike taxi as a means of transportation.
- Bus: For those who live far away to visit Hom Market, you can choose a bus. Some bus routes go through Hom Market such as: 30, 31, 29
Activities on the sidelines
After shopping at Hom Market, you can continue shopping, eating and drinking in the next street. A lot of fashion stores or grocery stores await you.
for a shoulder
A store sells cloth in Hom market
If you do not bring enough money in your wallet, do not worry because near Hom Market there are many cash withdrawal plants of banks.
For those who are far away, after visiting Hom Market, you need to buy a resting address, you can choose Cherry Hotel 2 at 291 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung District.
Note when going to Hom Market
Going to the market If you do not want to be bought or stolen, you need to give me some notes:
- The shippers here are very fastidious. Therefore, it is best to go to the market around noon because you can easily bargain, or bargain without being scolded.
- The goods here are popular goods, but the owners often say very challenging, the trade increases from 2-3 times the product price. So before buying, please bargain to avoid buying expensive goods.
- Stealing in the market still takes place so go to the market to pay attention to preserve your belongings so you won't be pickled.
Visiting Hom Market will be an interesting experience, especially when this is one of the oldest markets in Hanoi.

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