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Hanoi travel experience by season

Friday - 11/01/2019 03:26
Referring to the weather Hanoi is prompting until 4 Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter. Each season brings with it a unique color, style, character and attraction that attracts tourists. To better understand the four seasons as well as help you gain more knowledge to prepare for this very special land experience, don't miss the information below.
Hanoi travel experience by season
Spring tourism in Hanoi
hanoi flower knife
(Spring photo, peach blossom)
What to wear?
Spring Hanoi is relatively warm weather so don't forget to bring a coat or windbreaker. Besides, this is also the drizzle season, please bring an umbrella and limit your white shoes, because it will be very dirty.
Where to go?
Spring all over Vietnam seems to be beautiful everywhere. And when coming to Hanoi in the spring, visitors will be able to observe and feel that beauty through peach petals or through traditional spring festivals.
Nhat Tan peach village
In the early days of spring, flower village in Hanoi started racing to show off. The peach wings show off, blooming in Nhat Tan peach village, creating a beautiful atmosphere, bustling every spring. Along with cherry blossoms are red sentences, lanterns, wishes, they intertwine to bring tourists to Hanoi to feel a strange feeling of hangover. Nhat Tan peach village is an attraction for Hanoi youths on Tet holiday. This is also a stop that many tourists have experience in Hanoi tourism to share with friends and tourists from other regions.
I wander
Tu Liem flower village
Contributing to coloring colors for spring Hanoi is Tu Liem flower village. With a long tradition of growing flowers, Tu Liem flower village every spring is busy and busy with many visitors. Species of violets, dahlia and gladiolus blooming bring many cheerful colors to the flower village. When the weather warms up, the milk flowers are blooming together on both sides of the road, making Hanoi more pure and romantic. Tu Liem flower village is also a suggestion for tourists to stop if having the opportunity to come to Hanoi in the spring.

buy xuan hoa haSpring Festival
Spring visitors to Hanoi will not be able to ignore the opportunity to participate in major festivals. The first is to mention the Huong pagoda festival. This is one of the biggest festivals in Hanoi, starting from January 6 to March 3 every year. Not only the people of the capital but also tourists who come to visit here come here to celebrate the festival every spring. In addition to the Huong pagoda festival, visiting Hanoi in the spring, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in other festivals such as Dong Da mound festival to commemorate King Quang Trung (January 5), Soc temple festival. worshiping St. Giong (January 6-7), the Hai Ba Trung temple festival remembers attacking the enemy of Trung Trac and Trung Nhi (January 6), the Co Loa festival commemorating An Duong Vuong (January 6-8). etc. According to many tourists who have experience of traveling to Hanoi on Tet holiday, the above festivals are festivals that tourists should attend at least once. Surely visitors will have wonderful and memorable experiences.
Travel Hanoi in the summer
hanoi hoa phuong
(summer photos - flowers, sesame buds, ...)

What to wear?
Similar to the climate of many provinces in northern Vietnam, in the summer of Hanoi, the city is relatively hot and sunny, so do not forget to bring yourself the kind of clothes and cool clothes like the shirt. two strings, one under the armpit. And to suit the atmosphere of the summer days, visitors should choose the type of long coat over the hip and bright colors.
Not only that, Hanoi's summer season sometimes welcomes sudden rains, don't forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat.
Where to go?
Although Hanoi's inner city is relatively hot and sunny, it does not mean there will be no place for you to avoid heat.
Thien Son Suoi Nga Ba Vi
Located in the ecological forest of 450ha, only 50km from Hanoi, to Thien Son Suoi Nga, visitors have the opportunity to explore the sub-areas of Ha Son, Trung Son and Ngoan Son. One of the special points of Thien Son attracts tourists is the waterfall of heaven gate pouring from a few tens of meters to create a large natural swimming pool. Guests will experience fresh, cool water here.

vuon quoc gia vi baHo Quan Son
Quan Son Lake in My Duc district has the beauty created from limestone mountains and lotus lakes surrounding the lake. The best time to visit Quan Son Lake is in May to June, the lotus season blooms. Visitors to the lake can take a boat trip to see the lotus or can climb the mountain to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.
ho quang son
Park water Ho Tay
Ho Tay Water Park is one of the modern entertainment spots, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Summer is the best time to go to the West Lake water park, avoiding the hot heat. With modern design, visitors come here have the opportunity to experience the most dynamic and interesting water games. Ho Tay water park is considered as one of the indispensable points in the list of Hanoi tourist destinations in the summer.
Hand-held hospital
Travel Hanoi in the romantic fall
Ho guom buy and collect
(Autumn photos - Sword Lake)
Referring to fall, Hanoi many tourists think of "milk flower season". The streets stretched out of the milky tree with sweet scent in the light sunshine. Hanoi autumn is more beautiful and tender than ever. In particular, in autumn, when milk flowers bloom, the vast space of Hanoi is "embalmed" with milk flowers. Walking around the streets of Nguyen Du, Le Duc Tho and Quan Thanh ... to see and admire Hanoi's very own beauty this season, it is a very romantic experience. Noisy, noisy, Hanoi autumn is the ideal time of the year to travel.

hanoi buy dong(Winter photo)
What does autumn wear?
In the autumn, the climate is relatively cool, especially in the last days of autumn, the sky will be cold. So a wool cardigan or a wind jacket will be indispensable in this weather.
Where to go?
Lake Sword
Ho Guom Lake at each level of collection, sesame blossom buds bloom, showing red color around the lake. Sesame buds shimmering like the silk thread along both sides of the lake. Sesame blossoms are considered "treasures" of Sword Lake, creating a poetic and romantic beauty. Every year, every level to collect, many photographers and tourists "enlist" to find opportunities to admire the beautiful beauty of the lake Sword.
hanoi flower loc vungTran Quoc Pagoda
Located around the West Lake area, Tran Quoc Pagoda attracts tourists as well as people not only because of its elegant beauty but also because of its rich history. Built in the 1600s, Tran Quoc Pagoda still retains its ancient features over time with its unique architectural design and symbol of Vietnamese Buddhism. Tran Quoc Pagoda is not only a pilgrimage destination when tourists come to Hanoi but also a place to stop for tourists to pray and pray.

sourTravel in Hanoi in the winter
Hanoi winter also goes into books, poetry as a romantic season. According to Hanoi's seasonal travel experience of many tourists, winter is also the season that tourists should look for. Enjoying the bone chill of Hanoi winter is also considered an interesting experience.
What to wear?
Certainly, it would be indispensable to wear warm jackets, socks and gloves to keep warm. You can bring a wool hat too. Winter Hanoi has really cold days.
Where to go?
St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi
Hanoi church is one of the important architectural works from the French colonial period. Visitors to visit the church in winter will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Hanoi's church on Christmas with the splendid decoration of the brilliant lights or giant Christmas trees. Hanoi Cathedral is an indispensable stop for tourists if coming here in the winter.

pleaseWest Lake
West Lake is a place for people to gather, relax and hang out on the weekends. The weather became colder in the winter days, the West Lake became more mysterious and glamorous with silver mist and cold air. Tourists walking around West Lake by bike or walking on the road along West Lake will forget the noisy and busy city. West Lake is undoubtedly an indispensable stop for tourists who want to find something quiet and quiet in the heart of Hanoi.
cough hands

Ba Dinh Square - Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Visiting Ba Dinh Square in the late winter days, visitors feel more solemn and quiet than usual. As a historical and political project, Ba Dinh square marks a glorious history of Vietnam, the day President Ho Chi Minh read the "Declaration of Independence". Over time, Ba Dinh Square was chosen as the place to organize big meetings, historical events of the country. And this is also a point of interest that any tourist traveling to Hanoi wants to visit.

quang truong ba dinh

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