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Hanoi Old Quarter

Friday - 11/01/2019 03:17
Old Town - the neighborhood attracts many visitors with interesting entertainment and dining spots. Have you ever tried the feeling of traveling dust around Old Town in a day, very interesting. If not yet, schedule it now.
Location of Hanoi Old Quarter
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Travel in Old Town dust for 1 day is a great experience
Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the North and Northwest of Hoan Kiem District, including 36 streets such as Ngang, Hang Dao, Tre, Hang, Hang Bac, Hang Duong, Hang Buom, Trong, Hang Luoc and Hang Manh, .... Discovering the Old Town does not mean that you have to go all 36 streets, but only choose some highlights, tourist spots to visit and admire.
What means to the Old Town?
It can be said that Old Town is a place with many streets and intertwined streets. If anyone is not fluent, it is easy to get lost. Therefore, it is important to find out in advance the means to the Old Town.
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Dong Xuan Market - a famous market in Hanoi
To visit the Old Town, you should choose the following means:
- Motorcycles and motorbikes: The Old Town has many one-way roads, so you need to pay attention
- Bus: Bus routes to Cholon Old Town 09, 14, 36, 11, 03, 18, 22, 34, 40, .. then choose the form of walking, cyclo.
Interesting Old Town attractions
Old Town has a lot of tourist attractions, and you still don't know where to visit. Here are some suggestions for you
Ancient house 87 Ma May (Hang Buom)
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Ancient house 87 Ma May - a place to keep cultural and historical values
It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations when it comes to Old Town. A place to keep cultural and living beauty of people of Hanoi origin. Price to visit the ancient house is 10,000 VND / time.
Founded in 1889, Dong Xuan Market is the oldest and most famous market in Hanoi, where the main focus is on clothes and fabrics. Entering Dong Xuan market, you seem to be entering a busy shopping area, bearing the image of a Hanoi in the early twentieth century.

Hoan Kiem Lake - Turtle Tower 

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Ngoc Son Temple
Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, visit Turtle Tower and Ngoc Son temple is a must-see destination when traveling to Old Town. Hoan Kiem Lake is the "heart of Hanoi people", not only beautiful, airy space but also a tourist destination associated with the spiritual tradition of Hanoi people.
Walking around a lake of Sword Lake will be a great thing
Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, don't forget the points like Ngoc Son temple, The Huc bridge, Tran Ba ​​temple. All create a very private Hanoi, im imprinted on the traveler.
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O Quang Truong - Hanoi's only remaining city gate (Hang Chieu)
It was one of the five surviving proofs of a golden age of the nation, the only remaining city gate in Hanoi that sustained the destruction of war and the destruction of time. This is also a testament to the strong vitality of our people in thousands of years of civilization.

Bach Ma Temple (76 Hang Buom)
den bach ma
Temple of Bach Ma at 76 Hang Buom
One of the four towns of Thang Long, where it demonstrates and witnesses the formation of the ancient Thang Long citadel. This is a must-see for those who travel to Old Town, especially those with a love for history.
Shopping and dining in Old Town
Coming to the Old Town, it is impossible to skip shopping and eating. Some suggestions for those who go first:
- Old Town with lots of specialty dishes, you enjoy, it's important that your stomach is big enough and your pocket money is available. Some dishes that people love and must eat when they come to the Old Town are: Trang Tien ice cream, Hang Buom bun, snail boiled Dinh Liet street, fried in Nguyen Sieu street, ..
- Talking about shopping, there are also billions of things that can be bought as gifts, but remember, it is not cheap. Items you can buy as gifts, such as crafts, shoes, clothes, food like apricot, ... It is best to buy in the afternoon because at that time the price will be easier and not be scolded .
Suggest a day trip to Old Town
Starting to move from 8am, the first destination is Dong Xuan market, having breakfast, walking around the market. After that, go to O Quan Truong, take souvenir photos. Next, go to Bach Ma temple and then go to the old house 87 Ma May. Next to Kim Ngan communal house (Hang Bac) - the temple worshiping the ancestor of Kim Hoan. Then you find a restaurant for lunch, then select a certain cafe to rest.
In the afternoon, about 14h comes from. The first destination is to swing a round of Sword Lake to enjoy the airy atmosphere, remember to visit The Huc Bridge and Ngoc Son Temple and reward Trang Tien Cream or Thuy Ta Ice Cream. Then you can glide to some eating places like boiled snails in Dinh Liet, drink beer at Luong Ngoc Quyen, fry at Nguyen Sieu, ...
Then you go to the Great Church or Cho Gao street to watch the street, drink lemon tea to cut the wind. If you go on weekends, you can go to Hang Ngang Street, Hang Dao to go to the night market and buy things as souvenirs.
One day Ancient Town tourism will be an interesting experience, not everywhere. Let's make a contract and go now!

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