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Phu Tay Ho

With its historical values, great culture and sacred origin and unique beauty, Phuoc Phu has become a regular destination for Ha Thanh people and tourists.


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Friday - 11/01/2019 03:24
Located on Ngoc island in Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc Son temple relics not only possess unique architecture but also a famous cultural and spiritual symbol of Hanoi. Ngoc Son Temple has been chosen by many domestic and foreign tourists as a tourist destination when arriving in the capital of the capital for thousands of years.
The ancient sacred temple of Ngoc Son is located in the relic cluster "Ngoc Son temple - The Huc bridge - Pen tower - Nghien station" is extremely famous. In particular, Ngoc Son temple is also one of the beautiful tourist spots in Hanoi that most tourists visit the capital want to visit.
On Ngoc Son island there exist an ancient temple where the majesty named Ngoc Son temple. The temple was built after the Nguyen war - Mong to commemorate the thanks of the heroes who died for the nation in this war. Through a long period of existence without remodeling, the temple has collapsed.
By the time of Vinh Huu in Le Dynasty (1735-1739), Trinh Giang built Thuy Khanh palace on the old Ngoc Son temple. But Thuy Khanh palace also existed only until the end of Le's life, later destroyed by Le Chieu Thong.
Then, Ngoc Son temple was rebuilt by a charity named Tin Trai on the ground of Thuy Khanh palace and in the third year of Thieu Tri (1843) Ngoc Son temple was built but not completed.
It was not until 1864 that cultural celebrity Nguyen Van Sieu worked out to repair the temple, build more land, build embankments, build Tran Ba ​​communal house, build The Huc bridge, and complete Ngoc Son temple as it is today.
Ngoc Son Temple is a harmony between 3 popular Taoism in Vietnam at that time, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. This shows clearly in the special architecture of the temple along with the sentence system on the pillar, how to decorate worship inside the temple.
Just outside Ngoc Son temple door, you will be impressed with the image of the Pen Tower. The tower was built on Mount Ngoc Boi, formerly known as Doc Ton mountain in 1865, following the idea of ​​the grape house Nguyen Van Sieu. The Pen Tower is engraved with 3 words "Ta Thanh Thien" - meaning "Write on the blue sky"
Thap but
(Photo of Pen Tower)
After buying the ticket, you will have to go through The Huc Bridge to go to the temple. The bridge has red legs that are made up of large pillars. The name of the bridge is named Thu Huc meaning "Where to catch the sun in the early morning" or "Aura halo"
Inside, you will visit 2 main temples here. 2 temples of 2 gods are Van Xuong De Quan and saint Tran Hung Dao. Two temples feature the architectural style of the temples in Northern Vietnam. In the 2 temples are 2 large statues.
den ngoc son tho
(photo inside the temple)
The statue of Saint Tran is placed in the harem with a stone pedestal over 1 meter tall, and the statue of Van Xuong holding a quill pen with a relaxed and elegant look.
Next to the temple of 2 gods, a special place that tourists come here must also admire that is the area where the glass cabinets hold the specimen of Turtle Lake Sword. The image of the stately turtle with its incredible stature makes it very curious for tourists to come here.
Let's go
(photo of turtle inside the temple)
The combination of Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake has formed a unified Thien - Nhan architecture, creating an ancient and harmonious beauty for temples and lakes, evoking the feeling of harmony between people and nature. . Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake have become evidences reminiscent of old memories of national history, awakening pride and legitimate patriotism as well as spirituality, and awareness of every Vietnamese person before the school. survival of the nation.
(The Huc Bridge)
Because it is located right in the downtown area of ​​Hanoi, it is relatively easy to move to here. With buses, you can choose the following bus routes:
  • Route 08: comes from Long Bien wharf.
  • Line 14: comes from Co Nhue.
  • Line 31: comes from Polytechnic University.
  • Route 36: departing from Long Bien transshipment point.
With motorbikes, you have a lot of choices to move, depending on where you are now. You just need to remember the arterial streets of the city and then go, it will come. Currently, directions like Google map have become more and more popular so you can be more convenient to travel. Or if you want to be simpler because you can choose a taxi that is both active and not worried about not knowing the road.
Especially, on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), the area around Ngoc Son Temple is opened on the pedestrian street, so when you visit the Temple you need to send the car outside to walk in.
external lipstick
(scene outside the temple)
The best time for you to visit Ngoc Son Temple is on New Year's Day. At this time, the spring flower colors are flooding around the lake, competing to bloom, making Hanoi seem to be stretching itself in the air of the new spring. At the beginning of the year, it is also a chance for Ha Thanh people to go to the temple to pray for a peaceful and happy new year, you can also visit Ngoc Son temple to burn incense and pray for a happy and prosperous new year. Certainly coming to Ngoc Son at the beginning of the year will make you feel much more peaceful and relieved.
to cultivate
(outside scene, probably Ho Guom)
  • Adults: VND 30,000 (aged 15 and over)
  • Student: VND 15,000 (presenting card)
  • Children under 15 years old: free
Ngoc Son Temple only sells tickets to tourists visiting the central area of ​​the temple, so according to the experience of Hanoi tourism, if visitors go through the Huc Bridge without going to Dak Nguyet Lau, they do not need to buy tickets. The temple is open to tourists visiting the days of the week.
  • From Monday - Friday: from 7:00 - 18:00.
  • Saturday and Sunday: from 7am to 21pm.
The temple is a worshiping area so visitors should note the following:
  • Need to keep order when going to the worship area and the worshiping places of the temple.
  • Do not wear clothes that are too short, insensitive when entering the temple.
  • You should not wear hats, cover umbrellas when you burn incense and pray.
  • Should walk gently, limit talking and laughing to ensure the solemnity of the temple.
  • When entering the temple, you should remove shoes and sandals outside as prescribed by the temple!
  • Tourists who come through can freely take pictures outside but should not take pictures inside the worship area, so disrespect to the saints.

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