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Hai Ba Trung Temple

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 03:15
These verses remind us of the two national heroes Trung Trac and Trung Nhi - two women who symbolize the heroic spirit, indomitable, loyal and responsible women of Vietnam. Over the centuries, these two generals are still one of the permanent symbols for the spirit and will of the Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese women in particular. If possible, visit Hai Ba Trung Temple to pay tribute to these national heroes.
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Hai Ba Trung Temple is also called Ha Loi Temple, located in Ha Loi Village, Me Linh Commune, Me Linh District, Hanoi. The temples of the two national heroes Trung Trac and Trung Nhi - the leaders of the rebellion overthrow the yoke of the East Han Dynasty in 40-43, to regain independence and self-control. nation. Since then, Hai Ba Trung is the symbol, the indomitable spirit of Vietnamese women, is the image, the heroic past of the Vietnamese people. Let the Vietnamese children continue to promote fine traditions forever after. 
In contrast to history, before the 40's (AD), our country was invaded Dong Han invasion. They exploit our people very harsh. Not to bow to foreign invaders, she stood up to the million soldiers to fight the enemy in the history of the struggle for national defense of the country with the Me Linh insurrection in the spring of 40 (AD), regain independence Sovereignty for the country, the establishment of Trung Vuong dynasty, the name of Linh Nam province, the capital of Me Linh. They were worshiped by the people as the King of Heaven. To express their gratitude to the two women, the people set up Hai Ba Trung Temple in Ha Loi Village, Me Linh Commune, Me Linh District, Hanoi City (bordered by Noi Bai International Airport, about 25 km from the center) to commemorate their merits.
den me two three middle parts 1Hai Ba Trung temple was built on the high land, feng shui is decorated with delicate structure: Tam Quan, Trung Te, Tien and Hau. The interior of the temple with ironwood sculpture is engraved with delicate motifs that create a dignified, serene image. Statues, interior, lacquered, parallel sentences are painted gold lacquer splendor. Surely when you come here, you will feel the sculpture delicate yet equally majestic. 
Hai Ba Trung Temple is not only a sacred spiritual place, but also a place to preserve many valuable and precious relics of various kinds and materials such as wood, stone, bronze, porcelain, paper, ... Among the wooden relics are the majority. Relics dating back to the Nguyen Dynasty, such as hoành phi, incense, sentences, sentences, examination, palanquin, statues ... are carved elaborately, with decorative themes: flowers, literature, tigers ... These are works of art showing the talented, clever and delicate hands of our father in the art of artifacts, reflecting many aspects of social life and conventions The hope of a better life is preserved and protected by our people until now. Come here, you will feel all the talents of Vietnamese artisans in the past, feel all the enthusiasm, 
Two beer millsWith such great historical values, Hai Ba Trung Temple is also a place of cultural and spiritual activities of the local people. Thanks to that, we show our gratitude to the two generals of the nation who have preserved the intangible cultural values ​​of our people. Every year, Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival is held from the 4th to the 10th of January (lunar calendar). In this, the festival is the sixth day, it is said that this is the day Hai Ba Trung opened a party of soldiers, so the villagers later opened the festival to celebrate that event, to review the heroic tradition of money. in the beginning of building and defending the country. Every five years, the people of the village organized the procession of Hai Ba Trung, the royal citadel of Ha Lang village around the village. From that show the principle of drinking water memory, national pride, community cohesion ... of Ha Loi residents.
For Vietnamese children who love the homeland, or who want to learn about the history of the Vietnamese nation or simply want to find a place where the soul is pure, to return to the heroic past of the nation. Come to Hai Ba Trung temple to find a part of the nation, find the source for us to have a good life as today. 
Transportation to Hai Ba Trung Temple
You can easily move here by various means  Places to eat near Hai Ba Trung temple 
  • Rainy coffee - the first street group, Chi Dong town, Me Linh
  • Buffalo - Group 1, Chi Dong town, Me Linh
  • Hue beef noodle soup - Gia Lac, Quang Minh, Me Linh
Attractions near Hai Ba Trung temple
After visiting the temple of Hai Ba Trung - a place outside the city of Hanoi, you can go to Hanoi to visit the heart of the capital - Hoan Kiem Lake, ancient temple Ngoc Son, ancient bridge side. The Huc curve. Finish the journey, you remember to visit the Ancient Town to buy the souvenirs are beautiful. 


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