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In recent times, the trend towards finding nature is the choice of many people. By simple, mother nature is always the best mother, always favoring people, giving us the most perfect life. If you also want to have moments of beautiful nature, go to Ecopark Green Urban Area. This is considered a place to play, ideal picnic weekend. With a well-equipped utility system, Ecopark will help you have relaxing moments with your loved ones.
Ecopark is about 20km from the center of Hanoi city, located in Van Quan, Xuan Giang and Hung Yen. It is considered a green tourist area with wonderful natural space, along with fun and exciting games that promise to bring you the most interesting things. 
ecopark gameWhat makes Ecopark different from other amusement parks is the ideal green space here. Every day, you are too familiar with the noise of dust and concrete in the city. Ecopak is built to help you truly live and experience in space filled with greenery, green air, and beautiful green nature. Coming here, you will be really surprised with the green park system. First, drop by  the summer park. With spacious and airy parks, when you come here you will have fun on the smooth green grass and set up a camping tent for the whole family to have fun. You can organize your own entertainment activities and then open up an attractive outdoor BBQ party. What's more wonderful when you and your family have outdoor parties with hot dishes. Besides, if you are lucky, you can participate in many exciting events in Ecopark such as: Luala concert, Ecopark Green Day, Eco sunday ... Especially with hundreds of flowers blooming in the middle of the spring, Main Summer Park is the ideal place to take photos for you and your loved ones. In a flower dress floating in the beautiful scenery like a modern fairy at Summer Park, is it romantic? The streets of Truc, Vuon Mai, and Tung Tung ... are also brightly colored by pink, purple, yellow, red ... of hundreds of blooming flowers. After having beautiful pictures, walking on the green, clean paved roads, feeling more clearly the moments together in a quiet and peaceful space is also an interesting choice for you.
ecopark orange boysOne of the fascinating and interesting places in Ecopark that you can not miss is  the spring park , where the flower gardens are blooming, creating a fresh natural scenery. Besides, you also enjoy the fresh air, between a peaceful and romantic space is also very wonderful. You can walk around here to breathe fresh air, release souls and nature. Or you can save the most lovely moments with colorful photos. 
If the summer park and spring park are a place to help you explore nature and experience exciting outdoor activities,  the autumn park  is the place to design many golf courses with wide area and quite luxurious. Besides, there are also interesting games for little Ferris, swing, slide, cycling around the roads filled with flowers, plants ... It will surely attract children.
ecopark spring
If you go to Ecopark, you can make a trip in any free time. However, because the activities often take place outdoors, the ideal time to go to Ecopark is autumn Because at this time the weather is pleasant, not too hot, not too cold, it is suitable for sightseeing, discover interesting things here. All the fun services at the price are listed, you can refer to:
  • Tent rental price: VND 80,000 / hour .
  • Bicycle rental price: VND 40,000 / hour.
  • Grilled coal: VND 180,000 / hour.
  • Service package Clubhouse (tank, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Gym): VND 50,000 / person / time.
  • Kolorado admission ticket price: VND 50,000 / ticket.
  • Renting a campus to organize outdoor BBQ service for over 50 people costs about 500,000VND.
  • Rental price of Karaoke set (1 technician, 2 speakers, 2 microphones, DVD player, screen) cost about VND 3,500,000.
  • Visiting museums, parks and parking is free.
Transport to Ecopark 
  If you go to Ecopark urban area by personal means, you follow the Ring Road 3 toward Thanh Tri Bridge, when going through the bridge, you turn right to enter the inter-provincial road in Hanoi - Hung Yen, then continue about 4.3km more to come. Or you can go from the direction of Chuong Duong Bridge or Vinh Tuy Bridge to the end of the bridge and find the way to Bat Trang dike to continue straight until you reach the foot of Thanh Tri Bridge, then you turn to the inter-provincial road of Hanoi - Hung Yen about 4.3km more to reach the place. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at  or Mai Mai Taxi 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626.
If traveling by bus, the bus routes to Ecopark Hanoi still run continuously on 5 main roads: Ho Tay, Cau Giay, Xuan Thuy, Hoan Kiem, Kim Ma, with free fares to serving visitors. For more information on exact travel times and routes, you can see more  information about the free bus service Ecopark .
Good food spots at Ecopark
mam ecopark wool station
  • Highlands Coffee, Pho Truc, KĐT Ecopark, Xuan Quan, Hung Yen
  • Hue Restaurant, Pho Truc, KĐT Ecopark, Xuan Quan, Hung Yen
  • Restaurant chicken on tray
Attractions near Ecopark
In addition to the entertainment and entertainment areas in Ecopark, there are also many famous places to visit and visit near Ecopark, but you should also visit to: Bat Trang Ancient Pottery Village (about 300m from Ecopark) ) to experience traditional pottery making here or contemplate Dong Du garden with vast guava gardens, cool sweet fruits. 

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