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Book Street December 19

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:45
Book Street on 19/12 is the first bookstore in Hanoi, where many shops of publishers are located, as well as well-known book companies throughout the country. Not only attractive with thousands of hot books, the booklet of 19/12 is also a unique new check-in place that is enjoyed by young people in Hanoi.
Book Street Hanoi December 19 (photo collection)
Where is the 19/12 book street and opening time?
December 19 is a short street next to the Hanoi People's Court, in Hoan Kiem District. One end of the street is connected to Ly Thuong Kiet Street, the other end is connected to Hai Ba Trung Street.

19 19
Although Hanoi Street Book has just been launched, it always attracts a lot of young people and book lovers (collectibles).
Daily opening times of books start from 8 am to 10 pm.
How to go to the book street on December 19?
In addition to traveling by private means, you can go to the 19/12 Book Street by the following bus routes: 08, 16, 20C, 24, 26, 31, 33, 49
 What is fascinating about Hanoi Street of 19/12?
Book Street December 19 is the first book street in Hanoi. This is a place to introduce new books and books to readers and also a place where readers can take and find a variety of books. In addition, you also have the opportunity to meet and talk about books with authors at home and abroad.
map 19 12 map
Book space is designed and built in harmony with the scenery, landscape and architecture around here. The book street of 19/12 is only 200m long but it is very spacious and airy with 16 stalls of many bookstores and well-known publishers such as Kim Dong, Nha Nam, Thai Ha ... highly aesthetic, Modern and civilized. More specifically, there are optimal solutions to reach people with disabilities, children and older people.
metal shop
Space inside a bookstore (photo collection)
In the middle of the street is a small square, which is the venue for the exchange, discussion and introduction of books. Both ends of the street have the symbol of the book street as well as installing 2 stations to search public electronic information and e-books to help readers and visitors learn thoroughly about history and culture, Hanoi tourism.
Discover information lookup table (photo gallery)
Free wifi transmission system is installed in the whole street. Besides, there are 2 automatic water selling places, 2 drinking water at the tap, coffee area - reading books, fresh fruit stalls and souvenir shops ...
Cafe space in Hanoi book street (photo collection)
It also retains many perennial trees, and is also supplemented with 25 additional trees to create shade for visitors and take advantage of the separation way to flower gardens, arrange a chair system to read books .
Book Street 19/12 - attractive "virtual living" check-in place
Quiet space and beautiful scenery, so the 19/12 book street immediately becomes the ideal virtual living place for young people. With the main brown tones, here you will feel relaxed and comfortable feeling and walk on a clean and wide stone road without the crowds and congestion of the city.
product list
Coming to the bookstore, you can not only buy and read books but also be able to check-in virtually at booths with virtual living corners 1-0-2. Stalls with beautifully decorated glass doors attract many young people to take pictures.
pho sach check in
Hanoi Street Book has a lot of beautiful corners for you to freely "live virtual".
Coming to the book street on December 19, you will have a lot of wonderful experiences here. Arrange time with a few friends to come here on weekends to discover the interesting and interesting things about the first bookstore in Hanoi!

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