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Big c Thang Long

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:27
Located at 222 Tran Duy Hung (right at the key traffic intersection), Big C Thang Long has long become an attractive shopping and entertainment destination for everyone. During 10 years of establishment and development, Big C always strives to continuously improve both material facilities, equipment and quality to provide customers with shopping space and entertainment. most comfortable.
How to get to Big C Thang Long?
big c thang long
Big C Thang Long Trade Center
- Motorcycles and motorbikes: In Big C, there is a large and airy parking lot so you can be assured of parking space.
- Bus: Buses passing Big C such as: 35A, 44, 60A, 60B, 50
- Taxi, motorbike taxi: If you do not want to take a private car, or your family has a small child, you can choose a taxi or taxi service. Car to take place so it is very convenient.
- Walking: People who live around the Big C area can walk for initiative
What is in Big C supermarket?
There are many activities in Big C Thang Long. Each area has a space with its own activities.
Sales area
big c thang long booth
The booths at Big C are always crowded
At the 1st floor of Big C supermarket is a selling area of ​​famous fashion, jewelry, electronics, .... This is the area that displays quality products, which are more expensive in some other areas. Usually, this is an area for people with good economic conditions.
Supermarket area
On the second floor is the supermarket area. In the supermarket, there are several hundred items, which are displayed in a way to help buyers find products they want to buy. Items such as dry food, drinking water, spices, dry goods, home appliances, ... are displayed on each booth and streamlined.
Food court
big c thang long am thuc
Food court with attractive dishes
The dining area is divided into two areas: a cooked food area and a living area.
Living area includes all kinds of food such as vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, ... serving your family meal. All food items here are very fresh and guaranteed.
The ripening area is a culinary area, a very private space with attractive dishes like the restaurant. The dishes are cooked directly by the chefs themselves, bringing to the guests hot and attractive dishes.
A dish called Big C specialty is bread. The batches of bread are oven-baked regularly, hot and full in just one note.
Moreover, if customers want to choose food and drink, they can order and service staff will bring it to the place.
big c thang long be outside
Outdoor pool area accommodates hundreds of people
Entertainment and entertainment activities in Big C Thang Long supermarket are increasingly promoted, especially when the indoor swimming pool is established and put into operation. Since then, this place has increasingly attracted customers to shop and play. Now, Big C is no longer a shopping mall for adults, but many small children come here to participate in fun activities here.
Big C swimming pool with smart technology, large area located just below the campus near the entrance should create a cool space, suitable for frolic activities. Swimming pool has a capacity of 100 people, has a modern water filter system, quality is always guaranteed. There is also a system of buoys and slides for children to have fun.
Not only that, there are also swimming courses with skilled teachers. The ticket price to the swimming pool is also very reasonable, only VND 50,000 / trip. For children the ticket price is 40,000 VND.
Not only these activities, but also a big attraction of Big C are promotions and discounts. On every holiday or weekend, Big will have super attractive promotions, helping customers to choose as many products as they want with the cheapest price.
Activities on the sidelines
big c thang long tang 1
1st floor with luxurious and modern booths
For customers who are near, to Big C Thang Long just to shop and eat, they will not have many activities on the sidelines, because they simply finished shopping and go home. However, for those who are far away, they visit and consider Big C as a tourist destination, after visiting here they will have many other activities, other destinations.
Therefore, a play spot near Big or a dining point will be a very useful call for them.
- If you choose a place to eat, you can go to Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su at N2A Hoang Minh Giam, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
- If you choose the next destination, you can visit Lotte building with 65 floors at Nguyen Chi Thanh street.
- If choosing a resting hotel, Grand Plaza Hanoi Hotel at 117 Tran Duy Hung, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay (Phone: 024 3555) will be the ideal stopover.
It can be said that, with continuous improvements and innovations, Big C Thang Long is always proud to bring customers the most satisfaction. If you want a shopping - consumer - entertainment venue, go to Big C Thang Long.

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