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Bao Son Paradise

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 04:07
Bao Son Paradise is one of the largest entertainment venues in Hanoi with attractive games. This is an artificial playground, established not long but extremely attractive visitors cross.
Bao Son Paradise
Bao Son Paradise
Bao Son Paradise
Where is Bao son Paradise?
Impressed with visitors from the first time with large space, airy, fresh. In particular, the harmonious combination between traditional and modern cultural and artistic values ​​creates a diverse and attractive ecological community.
Situated on Km 8 of An Khanh - Hoai Duc - Hanoi, only 12km from the city center and 6km from the National Conference Center, Bao Son Paradise is an attractive destination for visitors to visit. experience, experience.
In the beginning of August, 2016, with a capital of up to $ 50 million, Bao Son Paradise with an area of ​​34 hectares will bring visitors entertainment, cultural and artistic complex of international standard. This is considered the leading amusement park in the North of Vietnam.
How to reach Bao son Paradise?
Located not too far from the city center so you can choose from a variety of different facilities to this location. To Bao son Paradise, visitors can choose the following means:
- Motorbike: You can easily see the scenery, free to visit Bao Son paradise with only a motorcycle. Just go along the intersection of Crossroads to Ha Dong, followed by Quang Trung turn Le Trong Tan is to. Or you can go in the direction of belt 3, turn to Khuat Duy forward, Lang Hoa Lac and continue about 3km to.
- Bus: A good option for students or teammates. Bus route 50B (Long Bien - An Khanh urban area) will be right near the entrance to the entertainment area. The bus cost only 7,000 / visit, so both go and go, you only take 14,000 VND is the car was able to visit this attractive area.
- Taxi: In addition, if you go family style, especially those with children, taxi will be the ideal choice. Since the distance is not long, so taxi money will not be too expensive.
Layout of the paradise 
You do not have to
What is the charm of Bao son?
With all 8 different attractions, Bao son Paradise is truly "eco paradise" and is an attractive destination for all visitors. With 8 different locations such as cultural paradise, ecology, art area, game area, cuisine, technology, conference and water play area, ...
The eco-paradise is subdivided into rare gardens, ocean worlds and ecological zones. In particular, the ecological garden converts a variety of animals and rare wildlife from North America or South Africa such as giraffes, zebras, white tigers, Chita newspapers, hyacinth spotted, ... There are also many South American birds such as Red-winged Parrots, ... reptiles from tropical regions such as lizard, dragon, ..
Bao Son Paradise AnimalsAquarium - area with many beautiful and fancy creatures will make visitors can not take their eyes off. Flying seals, seals or giant penguins will help you keep an eye on the world of marine animals.
Bao Son Paradise AquariumThe most beautiful and fascinating point of Bao son Island is probably the high-tech entertainment area. This is a place for those who want to experience, challenge themselves with the game attractive, strong feelings.

Bao Son Paradise thrillsThe hi-tech movie room will bring movies with vibrant sound, sharp images. Meanwhile, the play area under the water is an ideal stop for visitors to relax after a day tour to visit this vast Bao Son.
In addition, the village of Bao Son Meditation Center is also an attractive place. Here you will enjoy circus dolphins, performances by water spray music, professional performance lion, ... At night, the program of dance music majestic will be the ideal place for visitors.

The whole package includes pigsEntrance fees and games in Bao son Paradise
Bao Son Paradise is not only the ideal check-in space for those who like the "virtual life" but also a lot of interesting games and other attractions. In particular, the children's games here are very popular with children.
In 2018, the price to visit Bao Son Paradise is 200,000 VND (for adults) and 150,000 VND (for children). However, during the holidays, the entrance price will change (depending on each batch that have different fares).
Some games are available at package prices such as park visits, zoos, aquariums, circus dolphins, ... Private games in this amusement park will not be included in the fare package. In order to play games, visitors will have to pay extra money, most of which are games for children. Some attractive games and fare are as follows:
- Tickets show water puppetry (guests 1.3m high and above: 30k, guests under 1.3m: 20k
- Outdoor swimming pool or amusement park: Currently suspended
- Hunting in the forest (children under 1.35m): 15k
- Cars across the mountain (children under 1.35m): 20k
- Two-tiered swingarm (less than 1.35m): 20k
- Continuous game (children under 1.35m): 30k
- Trampolite: 20k
- Folding rope swing: 20k
- Round swing: 20k
- Frog Jump Game: 20k
- Pirates: 20k
- Cars collide: 30k
- Ghost house: 40k
- Screening XD: 50k
- Flying between galaxies: 100k
What to eat when going to Bao son Paradise?
A large entertainment space, sure to have many delicious dishes for you to enjoy. From the traditional Vietnamese cuisine in the traditional market, to the typical dishes of the three regions. Even new flavors of European and Asian dishes are here. Sure, these dishes will bring you great taste.
Bao Son Paradise am thucIt is said that Bao son Paradise is a great entertainment destination for the weekend. An "ecological" paradise with different amusement parks will definitely give visitors a great experience.


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