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AEON Mall Long Bien

Friday - 11/01/2019 04:24
AEON Mall Long Bien is known as the most modern and busiest shopping center of Hanoi Capital and the Northern region. Being located in a convenient location plus a supermarket scale, AEON Mall Long Bien is gradually asserting that this is a great destination for everyone.
aeon long bien
AEON Mall is located in the chain of systems of commercial centers of AEON Group - a very powerful Japanese corporation. Although there are many famous shopping centers in the center of Hanoi, such as Royal, Time City, Lotte, ... but not enough to meet the huge shopping needs of the special capital people. in Long Bien district. AEON Mall was built to provide people with a Japanese style shopping utility, quality, and class. 
AEON MALL Long Bien is built in Long Bien district, about 5km east of Hoan Kiem lake. This is AEON's first commercial center in Vietnam and first in Hanoi, with a construction area of ​​9.6 hectares and a floor area of ​​12 hectares built on four floating floors. With a very large area, this commercial center has parking space of up to 1,000 cars and 10,000 motorbikes equivalent to parking needs of 280,000 households and about 1 million Hanoi people and special vehicles. Sent here are free. This parking lot is special in that it is not a large parking lot, but Aeon's parking lot is located on the 4th floor with each modern super-neat, covered parking area to meet the needs of the people when Come here to visit and shop.
aeon mall 2
When coming to AEON Mall Long Bien, the first special thing that overwhelms you is a shopping complex with all utilities designed and decorated in a very modern style. Supermarket system will provide you with all the essential needs, from food to household appliances ... with hundreds of items for you to choose freely. The products here have enough brands of Vietnam, Japan and products from many other countries.
aeon mall 3
     Not only that with AEON Mall Long Bien, you will feel the "what is available" food village with the name "Delicious". Here, the food is divided into groups, like team 1 is a delicious restaurant, the second group is a grilled street, then the third is a seafood area ... And you will have to ... buy stamps to eat. Still familiar dishes such as chicken noodle soup, Hue rice vermicelli, dried beef salad, banh xeo, roasted chicken rice ... but the presentation here will give you a very different feeling. Across the "Town" are signs decorated as the style of the old days to help you return to an unforgettable time of ancient Hanoi. Around "Delicious" is a chain of food items such as grilled, hotpot, fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers ... If you go out with a large group of people you want to find a spacious lunch area, If you can sit for a long time, these restaurants are for you. AEON has the largest CGV cinema in Vietnam.

The means to travel to AEON Mall Long Bien 
The location and area of ​​a shopping mall makes it easy to find this mall,  
* If you need to travel by private means like a car, motorcycles and electric bicycles along the direction of Long Bien bridge or Vinh Tuy bridge to Aeon Long Bien address. You can also call Taxi, Motorbike at or Mai Linh Taxi 0438616161, Taxi Group 0438262626
* If traveling by bus you can go by bus routes 52A, 52B. 

In addition the shopping center also has 4 buses for free shuttle service. 
More specifically, visitors can use the application to find a bus to search or access 
Website or use google map to search for people to visit Aeon Mall Long Bien Hanoi. 
Tourist attractions near AEON Mall Long Bien  
* Bat Trang Ceramics Craft Village
* Hoa Long Bien steppe
* Hoa Hong Park

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