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Vietnamese Women's Museum

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 03:35
The Museum of Vietnamese Women not only attracts visitors by its quality but also by its innovative, innovative approach. This is one of the three most attractive destinations in Hanoi has been the world travel website voted. If you choose Hanoi as the destination, the Museum of Vietnamese Women is sure to be a must do.
Vietnamese Women's Museum
Vietnamese Women's Museum
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Overview of the Museum of Vietnamese Women
Address: 36 Ly Thuong Kiet - Hang Bai - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi
- Adults: VND 30,000 / visit
- Student: VND10,000 / session
- Children under 10 years and people with disabilities: Free of charge
Information about the Museum of Vietnamese Women
The Vietnam Women's Museum is ranked in the top 3 of the 94 most attractive destinations in Hanoi by 2014. This title is held for three consecutive years (2012, 2013). and 2014).
In addition to the annual exhibits, the Vietnam Women's Museum regularly organizes special topics on women's images from the past to the modern on the occasion of the year. There are many pictures of the women on display, in which visitors will find the image of Vietnamese women from gentle, traditional to strong, resilient and industrious. It is also a unique feature that this museum brings to visitors.

how to live in VietnamFounded in 1987 and affiliated to the Viet Nam Women's Union, the Vietnam Women's Museum has the function of researching, preserving and preserving intangible and intangible heritages, long history of culture. life of the Vietnamese. At the same time, it is also the cultural exchange center of Vietnamese women and international women with the goal of promoting equality, peace and development.
how to communicate with nu viet namUp to now, the Museum of Women has displayed more than 25,000 exhibits related to Vietnamese women. This is a small number, contributing to the success of the museum.
The Vietnamese Women's Museum consists of four floors with thousands of in-kind materials ranging from pictures to costumes that are characteristic of Vietnamese women.
The first impression when coming to the museum is probably the statue called "Mother Vietnam" solemnly placed in the entrance hall. The statue depicts a woman picking up her son on her small shoulders and her hands are pushing hard to protect her son.

how to live in VietnamWhen looking upwards, you will find a very well-designed dome roof, which can help maximize sunlight to ensure the lighting of the entire floor.
On the second floor, there is a place to display the artifacts associated with the life of the Vietnamese women from working tools to jewelry, costumes, .. Many things have long since existed. And intertwining the artifacts is the peaceful life of the woman saved on the pictures. Through these images, visitors will feel the brave, resilient of the great Vietnamese woman how much.
Level 3 - the focus of the museum is the records and exhibits of the Vietnam Women's Union during 81 years of operation. This is also the place to show the gifts of international friends to the Vietnam Women's Union. This is also the floor is most foreign visitors.
The fourth floor is the place to talk about Vietnamese women's costumes. All the costumes through each stage of Vietnamese women are on display here. Thereby, visitors will see, traditional costumes of the Vietnamese and women's clothing in each ethnic group is very diverse and beautiful.
That is the whole scene of the Vietnam Women's Museum. Even if you have not been there yet, just see the description and imagine, you will also imagine how attractive an attraction.
Which time is appropriate to visit the museum?
The Vietnam Women Museum is open daily from 8am - 5pm. However, the time of the holidays as March 8 or November 20 will usually organize the festival when you will be enjoying the beauty of culture typical of Vietnamese women in particular and the Vietnamese say. general.
How to the Museum of Vietnamese Women?
Coming to the Museum of Vietnamese Women, visitors can choose a variety of forms, vehicles such as motorcycles, taxis, buses.
By bus, to the museum through the route as:
Bus No. 08: Long Bien Head (Khoang 1) and East America End.
Bus No. 31: The starting point of the Polytechnic and the End Point (University of Mining).
Bus number 36: Long Bien head (Khoang 3) and end of Linh Dam KD.
Bus number 49: First point of Tran Khanh Du and end of My Dinh urban area.
What souvenirs to the Museum of Vietnamese Women?
Inside the museum there are many souvenirs are sold as: brocade, pictures of Vietnamese culture, key chain, jewelry, ... If you have come here, choose a gift for yourself. For family, friends, relatives.
Places to eat around the museum
Come to the Museum of Vietnamese Women, you can visit some places of eating such as:
- Kimono Japanese Restaurant with specialties of sashimi or sushi (52 - 54 Ly Thuong Kiet)
- Lan Vien Restaurant with steamed fish specialties (37 Ly Thuong Kiet)
- El - Patio restaurant with fresh sea food (44 Ly Thuong Kiet)
- Halida Restaurant with rustic dishes like 7 dishes, (83 Ly Thuong Kiet)
Featured hotels around the Vietnam Women's Museum
Visiting Hanoi, especially the Museum of Vietnamese Women, you will not be able to leave information about the hotels nearby. Some hotels will bring you the ideal vacation spot for you:
- Hanoi Melia Hotel (44B Ly Thuong Kiet, 350m from the Women's Museum)
- Lan Vien Hotel (37A Ly Thuong Kiet, 100m from the Women's Museum)
- Pacific Place Serviced Apartment (83B Ly Thuong Kiet, 886m from Women's Museum)
- Mercure Hanoi La Gare Hotel (94 Ly Thuong Kiet, 1.1 km from the Vietnam Women Museum).


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