Phu Tay Ho

Phu Tay Ho

With its historical values, great culture and sacred origin and unique beauty, Phuoc Phu has become a regular destination for Ha Thanh people and tourists.


Phu Tay Ho

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 04:03
With its historical values, great culture and sacred origin and unique beauty, Phuoc Phu has become a regular destination for Ha Thanh people and tourists.
handsome coughLocation: Phuoc Hoi is located on a peninsula jutting out between the West Lake in Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. 
Characteristics: Church of Lieu Hanh - one of the four immortals of folk beliefs in Vietnam.
On the map, the West Lake is shaped like crabs, where the peninsula protrudes to the water, the farthest, most beautiful, year-round water wave, smooth clouds, foggy panel. This is the location of the West Lake or also known as Tay Ho.
It is said that Lord Lieu Hanh was actually Quynh Hoa - the second daughter of the Emperor, was banished to the world for breaking the glass of precious stones. Down in the world, she travels, exploring all over the island, stopped by Tay Ho Island, discovered this is the place where the spirit paint water, and save the open water as a pretext for fun literature between nature wonderful. As the predestined coast, Pham Khac Khoan in the boat ride on the lake, see beautiful scenery, then visit the tavern. At the same time, they together with the poem "West Lake domicile" that is still circulating forever. How long ago no one knew, only when Phung Khac Khoan returned to find her no longer. In order to regain his nostalgia, he set up the temple of the triathep.
hands in
Tay Ho Lake is not very large scale, but in the position of clouds beautiful water beautiful, creating a feeling of lightheadedness, for the pilgrim who in the heart carry the secrets that need to be entertained, sympathetic and relieve. The temple of worshiping the Jade Emperors is the North of the North there are two models, the first is the model Lieu Hanh, the second is the Superior Monk, the third is the mother Tho (ie the Forest God and Goddess).
On the courtyard, through the arched arch, see the old trees on the side of the stilted hundreds of years as the unicorn waves ripples, in the yellow gold paint, incense, statues, statues Ba Chua Son Trang , statues, statues, quan ...
good hands
Going to the Palace, not only to pay homage, make a wish to pray and release the spirit, perform a spiritual ritual ... but also to relax spirit, visit a beautiful scene, there is water cloud A rare sight in the heart of Ke Cho capital, met a little ancient between now, and temporarily settles down to the old man, leaving his soul in good wishes.
I do not understand from where and ever, on the way to the Palace and right in front of the gate, sprouting up hundreds of restaurants and other goods, including Hanoi dishes: vermicelli. Speaking to the Government, people immediately think of noodles too familiar, as well as talking about noodles, people ask each other: It formed a long line on the peninsula, before leading to this sacred land. It was like a patch on a celestial garment, and it needed to be magical for the spirit to fly, but to pull back to the ground.
put your hands up
On the 7-8-9 lunar March and the full moon day, lunar monthly, not only the Hanoi people, but pilgrims from many places also dragged on each other, as well as formal ceremony. good things and all luck, while enjoying beautiful scenery West Lake.
phu tay ho 1Tay Ho is open from 5am to 7pm. On the holidays, full moon, cover will be closed later because a lot of people to burn incense in the cover. Especially on August 13 and March 3 of the lunar calendar, the feast of Lord Lieu Hanh, crowded with people coming in to pray for good luck, peace.
To go to Pyeonghek you can:
  • Call Taxi, Motorbike (Download app or visit ) Mai Linh: 0438616161 Taxi Group 0438262626
  • Bus: Buses near Tay Ho Lake include: 20c, 26, 25, 31, 33, 55
bun oc ho hand
(photo noodles West Lake)
Tay Ho noodle soup is a famous dish in Hanoi. Noodles bowl full of round, greasy snails; add a bit of crocuses, spring rolls, bean with bold juices, sweet from the bones, the snack's original bar; Add some sour, aromatic tomato, vinegar, ... The row on the way to sell more, a bowl full price 30,000. 
hoanh ho hand
(shrimp cake image)
Tay Ho shrimp cake has a very specific flavor. Grilled shrimp is quite large, just ripe, pink pomegranate on the face of cake yellow gold, crushed tan. The sweet shrimp, aromatic plus the crispy and the view of the cake, dots with spicy sauce fish sauce, subtle aromas of tomatoes. The price of shrimp cake is 60,000 VND. 
banh ran
(photo of salty donuts)
Salty tuna with thin crust, crispy meat, aromatic mushroom flavor, is eaten with green papaya juice does not make sense. Everybody who comes here only needs 2 donuts. The price is 7,000 VND. Picture: Suri Dinh.
(cake picture)
Tay Ho cake is sold in Thuy Khue street, which is very big and delicious. Soft-breasted pork ribs, rich in meat and fragrant, served with fried noodles, spring rolls and pickles. Each full cake price is 25,000 VND. 
oc luoc
Oc is also quite expensive goods in West Lake, which is sold in many film shop, Thuy Khue. Fish sauce is slightly sweet, pungent aromas of ginger, lemongrass, chili and lime leaves are very stimulating fiber. Snails are carefully selected, each child is thick meat, crunchy. Besides boiled snails, there are also fried clams, fried eggs, tamarind sweet potatoes, ... worth to choose. At 150,000 VND, you have a meal for 2 people. 
nem chua nuong
(picnic nem)
Grilled chicken is sold in Yen Phu street. East and delicious is the noodle barbecue. Nem grilled here, tender with dill sauce. There are 2 types of grilled spring rolls and sweet rolls. In addition, there are honey buns, grilled skewers, crawfish, ... for you to choose. The price of each spring roll is 5,000 VND.
  • Davidduc's Spacious Apartment in Xom Chua: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.1 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Dau Thai Mai 2: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.1 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Davidduc's Service Apartment - Xom Chua: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.1 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Davidduc's Dang Thai Mai Apartment: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.1 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • 3 Quang Khanh (35 XC) Serviced Apartment: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.3 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Zo Villas: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.5km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Westlake Hanoi Front Luxury Apartment: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.6 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Helena's house: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.6 km from Phu Tay Ho)
  • Davidduc's Apartment Quang Khanh: Tay Ho District, Hanoi (0.6 km from Phu Tay Ho)
Tay Ho Lake is a sacred place of worship, so tourists come here should wear polite, to avoid wearing too short skirts or clothing such as two-stringed shirt, armpit ... 


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