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Ngoc Son Temple

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 03:19
Located on Ngoc Island in the Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple relic complex not only owns the unique architecture but also the famous cultural icon of Hanoi. Ngoc Son temple is a tourist destination in Vietnam and abroad as a destination when traveling to the capital city of thousands of years.
Ancient sacred Ngoc Son temple located in the clusters of "Ngoc Son Temple - The Huc Bridge - Pen Tower - Research Station" extremely famous. In particular, Ngoc Son Temple is one of the beautiful tourist sites in Hanoi that most tourists visiting the capital want to visit.
On Ngoc Son island there is an ancient temple that is solemnly named Ngoc Son Temple. Temples were built after the Mongols to commemorate the merits of the heroes sacrificed for the nation in this war. Over a long period of time that has not been repaired, the temple has collapsed.
In the Le Dynasty (1735-1739), Trinh Giang built the Thuy Khanh Palace on the former Ngoc Son Temple. But the Thuy Khanh Palace also existed until the end of the Le dynasty, then was destroyed by Le Chieu Thong.
Later, Ngoc Son temple was rebuilt on the ground of the Thuy Khanh palace and the third year (1843) Ngoc Son temple was completed but not completed.
Until 1864, cultural celebrities Nguyen Van Sieu came to repair the temple, add more land, embankment, construction of Tran Ba ​​family, the The Huc Bridge, complete Ngoc Son temple as today.
Ngoc Son Temple is a reconciliation between three popular religions in Vietnam at the time: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. This is reflected in the special architecture of the temple along with the system of sentences on columns, the way of worshiping inside the temple.
Right outside Ngoc Son Temple, you will be impressed with the image of the Pen Tower. The tower was built on Ngoc Boi Mountain, formerly Mount Mon Ton in 1865, according to the idea of ​​Nguyen Van Sieu. On the Pen is inscribed three words "Ta Thanh Thien" - meaning "Write to the blue sky"
thap but
(Photo of the Pen Tower)
After the tickets are finished, you will have to go through the bridge to go to the temple. The red bridge of the legs is made up of large pillars. The name of the bridge is The Huc means "Where to get sunlight in the early morning" or "Condensation halo"
Go inside, you will visit the two main temple here. The two temples of the two gods are Van Xuong De Quan and St. Tran Hung Dao. The two temples are characteristic of the architectural style of the temples in the North. In the two temples are two large statues.
den ngoc son tho
(photos inside the temple)
The statue of Tran is placed in the harem with a stone pedestal higher than 1 meter, and the statue of Van Xuong holds a pen with a relaxed, elegant look.
Next to the temple two gods, a special place where visitors come to admire it is the area set glass cabinets of Guomes Guomes. The image of turtles dignified with the size of the strange weird to make tourists come here to be curious.
turn off the phone
(tortoise inside the temple)
The combination of Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake has created a unified whole of Thien-Nhan architecture, creating ancient beauty, harmony for temples and lakes, evoking the sense of harmony between people and nature. . Ngoc Son Temple and Hoan Kiem Lake have become remnants of old memories of national history, awakening pride, patriotism as well as spirituality and sense of Vietnamese people before the school. survival of the nation.
cau the huc
(The Huc Bridge)
Being located right in the inner city center of Hanoi so moving here is relatively easy. With bus, you can choose the following buses:
  • Route 08: departs from Long Bien wharf.
  • Route 14: From Co Nhue.
  • Route 31: Depart from Polytechnic University.
  • Route 36: originates from Long Bien transit point.
With motorbikes, you have a lot of choices to move, depending on where you are at the moment. All you have to do is remember the streets of the city and then go on. Currently, navigation applications such as Google maps have become more and more popular so that you can more convenient to travel. Or if you want to be simpler because you can choose taxi actively but do not worry do not know the road.
Especially, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) the area around Ngoc Son Temple is open for walking, so when visiting the temple you need to send the car outside to walk in.
I'm sorry
(outside the temple)
The best time to visit Ngoc Son Temple is at New Year's Day. At this spring colors are flooded around the lake, each race is blooming to Hanoi as it is stretching in the atmosphere of the new spring. At the beginning of the year, Ha Thanh people pray for a new year of peace and happiness. You can also visit Ngoc Son Temple to burn incense and pray for a happy new year. Certainly coming to Ngoc Son at the beginning of the year will make you feel more calm and gentle.
The son of a son
(outside scene, possibly Ho Guom)
  • Adults: 30,000 VND (over 15 years old)
  • Student: 15,000 VND (show card)
  • Children under 15: free
Ngoc Son Temple only sell tickets for visitors to the central area of ​​the temple should follow the travel experience in Hanoi, if visitors go through the The Huc Bridge without Dac Nguyet Lau do not need to buy tickets. Temples are open to tourists visiting the weekdays.
  • From Monday - Friday: from 7h - 18h.
  • Saturday and Sunday: from 7h -21h.
Temples are worship sites so visitors should note the following:
  • It is necessary to keep order when going to the worship area and worship places of the temple.
  • Do not wear too short, not sensitive when entering the temple.
  • You should not wear hats, cover umbrellas when burning incense and praying.
  • Should go lightly, limit laughing to ensure the solemnity of the temple.
  • When stepping into the temple you should remove shoes and slippers outside the rules of the temple!
  • Tourists are free to take pictures outside but do not take pictures inside the worship area, so disrespect to the saints.


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