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Bat Trang Ceramics

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 03:37
As a traditional village located on the left bank of the Red River, with a very peaceful and poetic landscape, Bat Trang Pottery Village has long been an interesting destination for visitors to visit Hanoi. Follow to spend a whole day exploring the places to eat - play - rest of the pottery village has existed for over 500 years.
lang bat page
The origin of the name Bat Trang
Bat Trang pottery is a common name for pottery made in Bat Trang village (Bat Trang - Gia Lam - Hanoi). Bát - means bowl of the monk, Tràng (Trường) - meaning large yard. According to the legendary Bat language is the Kim next to it means wealth, and the text is about cool. Thus, from the bowl is to advise the children have a stable career but not forget the origin.
Transfer to Bat Trang
Located about 10km east of Hanoi, it is easy to move to Bat Trang by various means such as Bus, Motorbike, Taxi ...
- Bus: This is the most convenient way for visitors to Bat Trang pottery village, especially for students. In the city, take the car to Long Bien Transit Station, then drive 47A to Bat Trang. The last stop of this bus route is only 200m from Bat Trang pottery village, so convenient is not it?
- Motorbike: To be active in travel as well as sightseeing schedule, motorbike is the first choice when coming to Bat Trang. From Hanoi center, you move to one of the 4 bridges Thanh Tri, Vinh Tuy, Long Bien Chuong Duong, (Car only). When crossing the bridge, you turn right, go along the Red River dyke until you see the signpost of Bat Trang pottery village, that is, we have arrived.
Places of interest in Bat Trang
-  Bat Trang Pottery Market
For the whole village there are bat pageFrom the bus stop, you will pass through many ceramic shops. If you travel by bus, you can visit these stores and then go to the market. Here all products are made from pottery of this famous village. From the smallest items such as cups, plates, .. to the larger decorations such as vases, pottery statues ... Both the objects of worship, as well as pots made from poles are very eye-catching.
Surely you will feel very excited to see with your own eyes, touching, stroking the sophisticated products made from raw materials is the land set by the skillful hands of skilled workers. You will be spoiled for choice high-end products or popular to buy as gifts for relatives, friends.


Bat Trang ceramics hall 2A small note for you is that you should buy stuff in the market instead of buying in small stores. Because you may be buying more expensive.
-  Visiting the pottery village
If you are in other tourist destinations, you will see the car for visitors to Bat Trang, there is a very interesting means for you, that is the car buffalo. Tourists will be traveling around the village at a very cheap cost, only about 150 - 200K / car / 10 people. Or you can walk completely to enjoy the beauty of the traditional village.
-  pottery
collect bat page
Coming to Bat Trang pottery village, the most attractive thing is probably to play a "potter" as a potter to learn the recipe as well as to mold yourself a beautiful product from the clay in the place. This. There are many families who provide ceramic pottery services. You can visit any artisan family, will be directly instructed and practiced molding simple items with their ingenuity. It seems simple, but not simple at all. You need to be careful, careful, so that the lands do not deviate from the turntable and make a product that will certainly be "distorted" not lightweight. But no matter what, the product you make will make you feel very excited. The cost of self-made finished products ranges from about 30 to 50,000 VND. Also very cheap right?
- Visit Van Van home
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Van Van is definitely a destination you can not miss when coming to Bat Trang. An ancient house located at the end of the village, where more than 400 antique pottery made from ceramics from the 15th to the 19th centuries have just been seen. Tran Van Lam, a member of the UNESCO Center for the Study of Antiques of Vietnam, built in 2002. "Van Van means the convergence of clouds. This is the place where products of the trade villages are kept, most of which are Bat Trang ceramics "
-  Bat Trang Pottery Village
bong trang bat trang
Located right by the river, where if you go by river you will stop here to walk to the village. The village is truly a place worth visiting because of ancient beauty, peace and help you have impressive check in pictures showing with friends.
Some typical works in Bat Trang
Almost all Bat Trang pottery items are handcrafted to show the creativity and craftsmanship of the village. Due to the nature of the ceramic material is clay and enamel coating, Bat Trang ceramics are characterized by heavy, thick, strong and durable. Bat Trang pottery includes the following products and goods:
- Home appliances: plates, bowls, cups, trays, warmers, vases, vases, ... With a variety of items in the model, rich in categories to help travelers choose the right product for their family.
- Worship: candlesticks, candlesticks, churches, incense burners, trays, ... in which candlesticks and incense burners are valuable products for contemporary collectors. This is also a feature of Bat Trang pottery village.
- Ornaments: Long Dinh, model house, statue especially Maitreya statue, Diamond statue, Tiger statue, ... These products are very popular with tourists.
What to eat in Bat Trang?
It is not a tourist area with many diverse food services, but in Bat Trang, you can still enjoy the familiar but attractive dishes and the price is also very cheap such as Bun Cha ... Or have some The type of cake you should taste when coming here because of its taste is very attractive: Biscuits: 6000 / piece, cassava: 5,000 / unit. Too cheap is not it?
Reference schedule for a full day in Bat Trang
7h00: At the group's focal point, you start to go to Long Bien transit station (if traveling by bus) or start by motorbike. (Remember to carefully plan the route before you start).
8h20: If you take the bus, you will arrive at Bat Trang around 8:20. You should walk to the village, will go through the Bat Trang village to check in, then go through the traditional pottery family. Go and just discover, enjoy.
9h30: After visiting the pottery family, you go to the pottery market to be dropped into the space is not very impressive and impressive in this particular market. Buy items as gifts for friends, relatives.
10h30: When your legs are quite tired to walk a lot, it is time to visit a household service pottery service to make your own handsome products.
12h00: You are also tired and tired. Waiting for your product to dry for coloring. Find a nearby restaurant to fill your stomach.
12h30: Once filled, you go back to the place you mold the ceramic to complete your work before bringing back to show it offline.
13h00: Visit other places of Bat Trang such as Van Van House, or visit the village again before finishing the journey and prepare to return.
14h00: Finish a day in Bat Trang, prepare your luggage and return home.
Some notes for you when coming to Bat Trang
As with any other resort, buy something should bargain before. And remember to check carefully to buy to avoid the problem of bad products.
Traveling should be a little careful, because in this whole poured ceramics are very fragile broken, just a little careless that we will hit and may have to do it.
If you buy large pottery, the stall owners will have a home delivery service. Do not bring it back, it's hard to move.
And of course, if you want to buy things, take time before the end of Bat Trang visit to buy, to facilitate the trip all day.
Have a nice trip.  


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