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B52 Victory Museum

Tuesday - 27/11/2018 03:48
The B-52 Victory Museum (No. 157 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) now houses hundreds of artifacts about the heroic and glorious past of the troops and the people of the capital in the war. Twenty-two days of the death of the US Air Force's B-52 air raid ... Visit B52 Victory Museum to learn more about the heroic history of Hanoi thousand years give.
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The B52 Victory Museum is a museum displaying weapons, ammunition and B52 aircraft crashed down, preserving both the image and artifacts of the Hanoi army and people during the Dien Bien Phu aerial battle. 1972 with the United States Air Force. The museum was inaugurated on December 22, 1997 and is located at 157 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.
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No doubt about the uniqueness of the "B52 Victory" museum, because museums are not rare in the world, but only in Vietnam. science has created a variety of vehicles, military equipment modern, but in 1972 B52 aircraft is the flagship of the US strategic air force and is considered by the US government invincible. At that time, the United States wanted North Vietnam to return to the Stone Age, to suppress the Northern and Southern forces, to launch a strategic bombardment of Hanoi and Some places in the North. International media know Hanoi became a "bomb bag" suffered the carpet spread with B52 was not worried. Worst of the tragic end of the city, so amazing to know many "flying fortress"
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On the area of ​​1.200m² displayed in the house, followed by the introduction of the process of building, fighting and maturation of the capital armed forces through the period is the central content: the battle "Dien Bien Phu aerial" through 12 days in December 1972. Through documents, pictures, artifacts, tourists will see the evil and brutal plot of US imperialism for the people of Vietnam. The statistics seem to be very dry, but the fierceness of the event has been expressed: Only in the 12 days and nights of December 1272, the United States used 726 times B52, 3,120 times tactical aircraft and Dumping tens of thousands of tons of bombs into the North. Of these, 444 were used in Hanoi, accounting for 61% of all B52 raids. More than 1,000 tactical aircraft, throwing more than 10,000 tons of bombs, killed 2,380 people and injuring 1,355 people.
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In this museum there is a very attractive room, which is a synthetic compass of the "Dien Bien Phu aerial battle", area of ​​200m², three-dimensional space (representing the topography of the area including residential areas and, as the room was operating, the lighting, sound, smoke and video screening of the big screen impressed the moment of history. Glory of Hanoi. The outdoor gallery of the museum covers an area of ​​4,000m², showing the weapons and ammunition that the troops and people of the capital have built and some pieces of American aircraft, a B52 long body 48,07m, wingspan of 56,42m - evidence of disastrous defeat of US imperialists in the raid of North Vietnam and Hanoi capital. 
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The museum is also a place for cultural activities of many people. The museum has collected the records of other typical B52 victories in Hanoi, such as the relics of the American imperialists in Kham Thien, the first B52 site in Phu Lo, Soc Son district; relics of the People's Commissary; Relocation of the battle room in Bach Dang ward, Hai Ba Trung district; missile battles for 12 days in the heroic night of 1972 ... The B52 Victory Museum always deserves to be one of the typical cultural and historical sites in the capital.
how to move the cursor- Address: 157 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
- Phone: 069588311/069588312/0462730994.
- Opening Hours: The museum is open weekdays (except Mondays and Fridays). 
Morning: From 8:00 to 11:30; 
Afternoon: From 13h30 to 16h30.
-Free entry fee:
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