Danang 360 - Travel Guide Application

Danang 360 - Travel Guide Application
Danang 360 - Smart Traveler Application
Danang 360 - Travel Guide Application
danang 360

Danang 360 (Travel 360) application provides detailed information of attractive destinations via map tables, 360-degree photos, videos, articles , local guide

The orientation of the application is to provide the most update, trust, and user-friendly information.

Subjects are foreigners and first-time visitors to a new city who want to learn about culture, famous landmarks, places that indigenous peoples love (attractions, food, events, experiences, entertainment, transportation, travel services)

Cities we are updating:

Da Nang , Hoi An ,Nha Trang , Da Lat , Hue ,Quang Binh ...

Features of the Application

-Application can run without network and synchronize data when network is available

-Application interface supports 18 languages ​​and support content is 2 languages ​​in English and Vietnamese

-View 360-degree photos, videos and articles from people with prior experience sharing.

-Support Scanner QR Code - Quick View

-Different and detailed models such as tourist destinations, cost, distance, vehicles, travel diagrams.

-For each tourist destination you can see the moving diagram and describe each position through 3D images

-Can see vehicles moving around me and around my points of interest (moving diagram of a route)

-Information about stop point for boats, airplanes at bus stations, airports, railway stations and ports

-Tracking is the function that will notify the tracking point information when you enter the receiving notification area about 500 meters

This application is completely free. The purpose of development is to create an application for the travel lovers community

Especially Vietnam Tourism

I am longbalan@gmail.com the founder of the application is looking forward to contributing and building to develop the tourism industry.

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